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divinehawk 12-19-04 12:12 AM

6600gt + timbury == slideshow ?
I just installed my 6600gt (pci-x) today and my 3.4ghz p4 cpu and mobo... most of the nvidia demo's run very well except Timbury.

It takes 2-3 min to load fully to a slideshow.. Any advice?

I found this link stating that setting the agp aperture is a fix

But I don't see a setting similar to that for pci-x.

LT.Schaffer 12-21-04 01:36 PM

Re: 6600gt + timbury == slideshow ?
Have You Tryed Running the Lite Version Of Timbury?

If Not Go To Start-Programs-Nvidia Demos-Timbury Lite

See If Thats Any Better (xmassign2

mikedep333 12-21-04 03:23 PM

Re: 6600gt + timbury == slideshow ?
I haven't run Timbury in a while, but I remember it running really slow even on my card.

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