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Chazam 12-23-04 02:50 PM

How's my system scores? (3DMark)
How is my pc doing 3DMark wise?
Scores and spec's in my sig.

I'm also wondering why my 3DMark 2001 scores are low with the 6600GT. I used to have a Radeon 9700 Pro and i got 13000+ 3DMarks (I cant find the compare, it was on an old FM account)

Opinions appreciated! (xmasgrin)


On a side note 3DMark 03 and 05 seem's very good with th GPU and 2001 seem's very CPU limited.

admiral1313 01-19-05 05:23 AM

Re: How's my system scores? (3DMark)
Your scores seem about right.I get the same score with you on 3dmark05(probably because you're using the 71.20 driver which is "optimised" for this benchmark,when I tried it I got roughly 3600) and I get 1000 more points in 3dmark03,but I have a Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz with the PciExpress version of the 6600gt.You should pay too much attention to these,though,but rather watch for real-world performance.The 3dmark scores are useful only if you see a very large drop from the normal.

cuts 01-19-05 07:00 AM

Re: How's my system scores? (3DMark)
your scores dont seem that bad

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