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barifuchs 12-23-04 06:47 PM

Sandra and Everest Mem CPU scores?!
How real are they?

Asus K8V SE Deluxe K8T800 PC3200 DDR SDRAM

Memory Read:
2895 MB/s

Memory Write:
1296 MB/s

Memory Latency:
64.0 ns (3-4-4-8)

I am using TWINX1024-3700 XMS3700 1024MB and an Athlon 64.

SiSoftware Sandra:

RAM Bandwidth Int Buff'd iSSE2 : 2862 MB/s
RAM Bandwidth Float Buff'd iSSE2 : 2864 MB/s

If they are relevant at all, how can I tune my system to improve performance?


OCForums_Osirus 12-23-04 10:44 PM

Re: Sandra and Everest Mem CPU scores?!
is that s754 or s939?

-=DVS=- 12-24-04 12:25 AM

Re: Sandra and Everest Mem CPU scores?!
Yeah we to lazy we can't bother looking up your motherboard and stuff tell us what computer you got what parts :p

Daneel Olivaw 01-02-05 07:44 PM

Re: Sandra and Everest Mem CPU scores?!
My scores:

Dual PC3600 DDR 2-3-2-5 67.8 ns
Dual PC3600 DDR 2206 MB/s
Dual PC3600 DDR 5641 MB/s

Sandra buffered: 6144MB/s
Sandra unbuffered: 4708MB/s

Are you in dual channel? Your scores seem a bit low, like half... Your latency is a bit lower than mine (that's good), but it's to be expected from an Athlon.
I find these to be representative of encoding decoding performance, but not much else.

Mith192 06-19-05 09:03 PM

Re: Sandra and Everest Mem CPU scores?!
I am going to wake up this thread because I am to lazy to start my own

My everest score

Read 6763MB/s
Write 2397MB/s
Latency 40.4ns

o and this is with my FSB at 240mhz and my timings at 2-2-2-7

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