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ecogt 12-26-04 11:38 AM

Nvidia driver problems (tv-out and Ti4200)
I have been trying to have my tv as a second screen right to my usual CRT... I works fine except from when i try to shutdown the X server. The whole computer crasches and I just se a black screen. This happens whenever i try to shutdown the computer och just ctrl+alt+F1... This makes me have to hard boot my computer every time i use the tv-out settings in my xorg.conf... =(

Ive tried the 1.0.6111 and the 1.0.6629 driver. Same problem with both of them.

I have a Asus GeForce 4 Titanium 4200. I use Gentoo and have the 2.6.9 kernel.

Do anyone have a clue? Some people says that its the kernels fault and some says that its the nvidia driver...

Please help me, I want to use my TV =)

xavman 12-27-04 10:09 AM

Re: Nvidia driver problems (tv-out and Ti4200)

I have the same problem with a configuration closed to you.

runing gentoo with all last updated (xorg and kernel 2.6.9), i can used my TV in clone mode or in a division of working space, but each time i tried to stop the x server, all i had was a beautiful crash as you.

I guess i'm gonna try with a 2.4 kernel just to see, alsa maybe il the kernel hacking section, i know that there can be some problemes with chossing 4kb instead of 8kb for the compilation.

so if you can solve your problem, please let me know, i alsa wan't to use my TV with my gentoo box...

comag 12-28-04 01:19 PM

Re: Nvidia driver problems (tv-out and Ti4200)
this is a known bug.
the only solution is to disable TwinView in xorg.conf.

ecogt 12-29-04 07:01 AM

Re: Nvidia driver problems (tv-out and Ti4200)
im not using twinview!

i want to use my tv-out like this:

Screen 0 "Screen 1"
Screen 1 "Screen TV" RightOf "Screen 1"
but i guess its the same sollution here? do i just have to wait for a better nvidia driver? becouse that sucks.

so... does it work if i use one sceen at a time then? otherwise, im really pissed of ;)

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