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brucep 12-26-04 04:19 PM

GeForce FX 5200 & DVI output to HDTV
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Hi all,

I'm starting to attempt building a mythtv box on a new Fedora Core 3 system (AMD-64) I'm setting up. I'm using a Samsung HL-P4663W HDTV as a monitor. This TV has both a DVI and PC Video input jack. I've successfully installed the latestion nvidia drivers and can launch X over the PC connection but I can't seem to get the resolution settings right. I'd also like to get the DVI connection working but haven't had any luck whatsoever with that. I'll admit I'm not all that proficient with X configuration so it may just be that I'm not doing things right... The manual for the HDTV has a table listing all the supported resolutions with their horiz/vert freq. ranges, etc. and that's what I used to create my xorg.conf with.

I've been trying to write an xorg.conf that will treat the DVI connection as a tv/dfp but I haven't had much luck. None of the sample configs I've been able to locate clearly show how you define parameters for one device vs. the other. I'm also not sure why the card doesn't seem to recognize the video settings I'm specifing even though that's what the HDTV supports.

Does anybody have a working xorg.conf that shows how to configure the DVI for an HDTV that they'd be willing to post? That would probably be enough for me to figure out what I need to do. I've attached a zip file with my current xorg.conf (only working on the PC monitor output) and the output from X with -logverbose 5.



niemayer 12-27-04 09:59 AM

Re: GeForce FX 5200 & DVI output to HDTV
Well, I am familiar with configuring X11 (even wrote an X11 graphics driver for some ancient card under NetBSD many years ago), but I'm also stuck with finding any solution to the "HDTV not recognized as DFP"-problem - see thread "LCD TV not recognized as DFP / no DVI / MSI GeForce FX5200" here: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/show...light=5200+dvi

If you carefully read the various README files that come with both the closed-source and the open-source drivers you'll notice that they make some vague statement about "DFP-driving possible only if DFP was detected at boot time" - though they don't make any statement on why that boot-time detection is vital for the further usage of the DVI outlet. And that seems to be the problem to me, for some reason the 5200 simply does not think my LCD HDTV is a DFP at boot time, and any further effort switching later is futile.

What supports this hypothesis is that if I connect an ordinary computer-LCD-monitor to the DVI outlet, the 5200 happily uses the digital output to display from the boot messages onwards, and if I detach the computer monitor while running and attach the HDTV, the 5200 _is_ able to drive the HDTV via DVI.

BTW: The release notes of the Windows 67.02 beta drivers mention among others the folloging new features:

- Added support for using HDTV over DVI connectors
- DVI hotplug

Sounds a little like those features could be important for our problem, too... does anyone know how long it usually takes until nvidia ports windows drivers to Linux?

scowl 12-28-04 12:02 AM

Re: GeForce FX 5200 & DVI output to HDTV
Try adding this line to your "Screen" section:

Option "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP-0"

niemayer 12-28-04 05:36 AM

Re: GeForce FX 5200 & DVI output to HDTV
scowl, thanks for trying to help, if only it was that easy... :-) - seriously, this was about the first option I tried. It didn't work, though. It seems the statement "With this driver, a digital flat panel will only work if it was POSTed by the BIOS, that is, the machine must have booted to the panel" which one can find in the man-page for the open-source "nv" driver also still applies to the closed-source "nvidia" driver...

scowl 12-28-04 11:21 AM

Re: GeForce FX 5200 & DVI output to HDTV
I figured adding that line couldn't hurt. Even though my system does boot to the DFP (I can see the BIOS screen on it) that nvidia driver still doesn't see the HDTV unless that line is in there. These drivers are really picky.

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