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nasa 12-27-04 10:16 AM

NVsound and mplayer/xine

I have installed the nvidia drivers for my NForce2 motherboard and have everything working... Except that when I try to play a video clip via mplayer I get the following error:

/dev/dsp: cannot allocate memory

And mplayer will then hang.

Xine gives the same error -- but it will play.

Has anyone else seen this?


buaku 12-27-04 06:16 PM

Re: NVsound and mplayer/xine
One thing I've seen in other forums that have helped me with mplayer is trying to use SDL for audio output. Try mplayer -ao sdl

That error does seem kinda bad though. Haven't encountered it before.

DrBergie 01-20-05 05:04 AM

Re: NVsound and mplayer/xine
I have looked all around the internet for linux froums with a solution for this problem and found one that works for me.

(Found it (of all places) in the known bugs section for the nvsound driver)

You simply boot linux with the acpi=off option*. Aparently the driver hangs when acpi is turned on.

*You can do this by pressing F1 (if i recall) at lilo, and typing in "linux" (or your spesific linux boot selection) and then "acpi=off", enter. To make it permanent, you must edit the /etc/lilo.conf file** and run the lilo command (as root).

** just add acpi=off to the relevant boot of linux

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