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jeffchuck 12-28-04 04:59 PM

No Sound in Mandrake
I'm running Mandrake 10.1 and have the ‎nForce2 APU. The drivers that came with Mandrake didn't seem to work, so I downloaded the nVidia drivers, installed them, and still no sound. I added this to modprobe.conf:

alias sound-slot-0 nvsound

and ran:

modprobe nvsound

When I start the computer and whenev er I try to play sound, I get an error saying:

Error while initializing the sound driver:
device /dev/dsp can't be opened (No such file or directory)

Has anybody had a problem like this before or does anybody have suggestions?

jeffchuck 01-01-05 07:26 AM

Re: No Sound in Mandrake

chunkey 01-01-05 08:08 AM

Re: No Sound in Mandrake
Can you post "cat /dev/sndstat" output?

jeffchuck 01-01-05 08:12 AM

Re: No Sound in Mandrake
No such file or directory

The part that I find weirdest is that I seem to have no sound devices even though the module appears to load correctly. I have no /dev/dsp /dev/sound or /dev/sndstat.

After running a full system update and running the sound config tool again, I now have /dev/sound but there is still no /dev/dsp or /dev/sound/dsp.

chunkey 01-01-05 09:23 AM

Re: No Sound in Mandrake
That's bad, maybe you can create this files manually.
open a console -> become root -> cd /dev -> MAKEDEV audio
now check if /dev/dsp exists...

When not, then Mandrake properly use udev and alsa. So check out if you can modprobe snd_intel8x0, modprobe snd_pcm_oss & modprobe snd_mixer_oss. (You may need to rmmod nvsound)
Then please use "alsamixer" to unmute all channels. And try again (You can test it either with xmms, or "arecord | aplay" (just echo ) )...

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