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bodomite 12-28-04 07:54 PM

5700LE, Looking for more info!
Hi, im one of the few that dont have an AGP slot on my MOBO, thanks to emachines. I got this comp for christmas and relized i couldnt put my Radeon 9600 in this comp, so i decided to get the 5700LE. I just wanted to know which company makes the best one. I have a choice of Apollo, Jaton, or Inno3d. I was looking for the 256mb version but couldnt find it ANYWHERE, so im settling for the 128 version. Thanks.

Daneel Olivaw 12-28-04 09:32 PM

Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!
I had a Jaton GF4 MX440... passive cooling. Still runs. Played well. So, I guess Jaton isn't the worst company out there.

Baracade980 12-28-04 09:55 PM

Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!
Actually, I own the Jaton version. I found it at Newegg.com for around $115. It came with 128 bits and 128 memory. There is a version made by Inno3D I believe for about $40 more that does have 256mb. I bought the Jaton over Apollo because the package came with more stuff, and Jaton over Inno3D because the company that was selling the Inno -256mb version btw- didn't have good reviews and looked to not be entirely trustworthy.

And good choice for being limited to a PCI (I assume). I run HL2 very well on it (stuttering aside) and Halo runs great, both at generally normal size resolutions. Enjoy your card man!

Slyder 12-29-04 01:17 AM

Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!
I have used a few Inno3D cards. They never went bad on me so they get my vote.

bodomite 12-29-04 02:38 AM

Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!
Alright, thank you guys so much. Im going with the Inno3D version.But what i want to know is if i should go for the 5200 256mb? Or just do the 5700LE 128? they are around the same price, so which in your opinions is better in the long run.

JamesDax 12-29-04 08:41 AM

Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!
Go with the 5700LE. You won't need 256mb because you will most likely won't be running at very high resolutions anyway. The 5700LE is the best PCI card on the market right now. btw, Joytech/Apollo also makes a PCI 5700LE. Thats the one I put in my wifes eMachine.

bodomite 12-29-04 10:18 AM

Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!
Thanks, its good to know theres some helping people out here, i also have a emachines. Thanks, ill be ordering the inno3d i believe.

ekloot1978 12-29-04 02:03 PM

Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!
Be careful with which inno3d 5700LE you get though. One of my friends has the same problem as you with having no agp slot so I did a fair amount of research for him...and the one thing I found was that it looked like the Inno3d 5700LE 128MB model had only a 64bit memory bus even though their website doesn't say that. However the more expensive Inno3d 5700LE 256MB model had a 128bit memory bus but it costed more and you really don't need 256MB of memory...but you really don't want to get stuck with the 64bit memory bus that the 128MB model has. There is a 5700LE from Jaton on new egg (the same one Baracade980 got) that for sure has the good 128bit memory bus though and since it only has 128MB of memory then you save some cash...this is the one I recommended my friend to buy. So I would either go with that or the more expensive 256MB model from Inno3d to make sure you have the faster 128bit memory bus. Whatever you end up buying...just make sure you get a card with a 128bit memory bus...that's the moral to this story I guess.

tvlad 12-29-04 05:44 PM

Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!
The money payied for a 256mb version would really be for nothing, what you are planning on buying isn't going to benefit from the extra memory, it doesn't practically run at all with the settings that would require that amount of memory, and a 5700 is far, far better than a 5200.

I'm not sure which cards are on the pci bus atm, though maybe if you would find a 9600 or 9550 on PCI, i'd say those would be better than a 5700le, the whole fx generation, had very dissapointing performance in dx9 games, at least when compared to ati.

ekloot1978 12-29-04 06:14 PM

Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!
Tvlad is right about the fx series of geforce cards being poor in comparison to ati cards for directx 9 games...the only problem is that as far as I know, no one has seen any pci 9550 or 9600 ati cards out there (I could be wrong though). There are just lower end ati pci cards which in general won't be as fast as a geforce 5700LE pci anyways...and those pci ati cards are directx 8 hardware so they don't have any of the directx 9 features anyways. The only pci ati card that I've heard had pretty good performance was the pci 9100 card...but I also heard that the driver support isn't all that great with those cards...but I don't know if that is true or not. Either way, I think those are pretty hard to find in comparison to a 5700LE which is pretty much on the same level of performance...or maybe better. The bottom line is that there is not a really all around great pci graphics card out there so you just have to weigh the pro against the cons. I still think with whats available out there that the 5700LE is probably still the way to go...as long as it has the 128bit memory bus.

ragejg 12-29-04 06:30 PM

Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!

R2XX driver support is fading fast...

bodomite 12-29-04 08:59 PM

Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!
Wow, so much info! I decided to not go with the inno3d because of the post that loot made. Ill probably be going with either the Apollo Bloody Monster or the Jaton. But all i could find on newegg was the Jaton Low Profile one. is there a difference in performance for the low profiled jaton?

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