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jmcqueen 12-28-04 09:01 PM

Tarball unzipped. How do I install now?????????
This is a total 'newb-written-all-over-it-question' but here goes. I am happy to say that I have successfully unzipped my 1st tarball! Yay! Now....what the heck do I enter at the command prompt to get this software to install? I tried using the instrux at: http://linux.about.com/od/linux101/l/blnewbie3_5_1.htm all to no avail. PLEASE HELP A NEWB! (should be a national holiday)

here is the directory everything is unzipped into:


[username@localhost nvu-0.60]$ ls -aF
./ libgtkxtbin.so* libxlibrgb.so* regchrome*
../ libmozjs.so* libxpcom_compat.so* regxpcom*
bloaturls.txt libnspr4.so* libxpcom.so* res/
chrome/ libnss3.so* libxpistub.so* run-mozilla.sh*
components/ libnssckbi.so* mangle* shlibsign*
defaults/ libplc4.so* mozilla-xremote-client* TestGtkEmbed*
elf-dynstr-gc* libplds4.so* nsinstall* xpcshell*
greprefs/ libsmime3.so* nvu* xpicleanup*
icons/ libsoftokn3.chk nvu-bin* xpidl*
libgkgfx.so* libsoftokn3.so* nvu-config* xpt_dump*
libgtkembedmoz.so* libssl3.so* plugins/ xpt_link*
[username@localhost nvu-0.60]$ WHAT DO I ENTER HERE?
What do I enter to get it installed? i believe the install file is 'nsinstall' but i don't know the commands.


buaku 12-28-04 11:49 PM

Re: Tarball unzipped. How do I install now?????????
Have you tried visiting the programs website to see if they tell you how to install it?
Look here...it's for unbuntu linux, but it might help.

From looking around, it seems you just untar it to your directory of choice then run ./nvu

That site seems to indicate you might need to set up some environmental stuff too.

jmcqueen 12-29-04 11:14 PM

Re: Tarball unzipped. How do I install now?????????
thanks for the link.

yep. i see the build is for core 2 and will not work i'm assuming. i see that there is the ability to 'build' for core 3, but this is way above me i think. does anyone out there have a Nvu build for Fedora Core 3 2.6.9-1.681_FC3 ?

or, is this a pretty painless thing to do?

please advise.


buaku 12-29-04 11:19 PM

Re: Tarball unzipped. How do I install now?????????
Did you try running ./nvu from your directory to see if it would run at all? Probably the worst that can happen is it doesn't run.

It looks like they give pretty decent instructions on how to build it from the sources. Can't hurt to try :)

jmcqueen 12-31-04 04:20 PM

Re: Tarball unzipped. How do I install now?????????
yes i did try to run the program. system takes the instrux, but hangs the terminal.

installing programs in linux is the pits! i have tried to install a simple *.rpm file which the systems prompts as needed, but then the report says that it is already installed! when i attempt to re-install, i get the same error. this is true even when i try to install from available programs under 'Add/Remove Applications'.

for instance, i try to install 'Windows File Server' cause i want to be able to serve Windows apps and get > 'Package Not Found' unlocatable package is 'samba-common'. so i go grab the *.rpm and when i install, it says it is already present. what gives????


buaku 01-01-05 04:36 PM

Re: Tarball unzipped. How do I install now?????????
Hrmm not sure whats goin on then. I've never used the program, so I don't know how it behaves.

I also don't know much about RPM's since I use a distro that doesn't use those.

It could be expecting a different version of samba-common or something.
I think if the versions aren't all the same it might complain.

jmcqueen 01-02-05 12:24 AM

Re: Tarball unzipped. How do I install now?????????
ok, i finally figured a few things out. when you install the 'Desktop' FC3 installation, it basically leaves out most of what you need in order to do the server and application installs.

what i did is went ahead and 'maxed' the FC3 install out with the server options at the bottom of the Add/Remove Applications menu. the system didn't want to install some of those, so i went from the top and worked my way down. yes, i had good md5sums on all 4 discs in case you're wondering.

then, i went back and re-installed Nvu again and this time it worked! so, good to go now.

now...the next chapter is enabling printers on a local network where the dhcp is the router. whew! then, on to setting up ftp for downloads. will i ever make it?


buaku 01-02-05 12:41 AM

Re: Tarball unzipped. How do I install now?????????
Ahh cool deal.

From what I've seen if you use CUPS as the print server, its not too hard to get going.
FTP isn't too hard either. Who knows, it might already be running for ya.

You'll figure it out I'm sure.
It's all part of the learning experience.

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