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pprahladka 11-21-02 01:44 PM

While trying to start any file in mplayer i am getting this error (rather fatal error as it says)

"Error opening/initializing the selected video_out(-vo) device!"

I have got Riva TNT2 grphics card.
Pls suggest what should i do.

-=DVS=- 11-21-02 01:48 PM

First of give us all info you can get ,
1. What system you have cpu/motherboard/ram/ect ect
2. what Windows you have ?
3. what game ?
4. what video drivers you useing ?

EDIT: if you haveing problem only in Mplayer mode maybe your windows screwd up , are you trying to play Online via DSL/Dial Up or Over LAN/Serial connection ???

pprahladka 11-21-02 01:57 PM

am using redhat-7.3
motherboard : MSI
CPU : P4
Ram: 256 ddr

I am getting this error if i try to start any movie file with mplayer. these files are running fine on xine.

-=DVS=- 11-21-02 02:04 PM

Ahh you useing Linux not my strong point :( you should wait for other guys to read this or post it in Linux Forum
Also if you can try other player

Chalnoth 11-21-02 06:19 PM

Here's what I would do:

1. Download and install the latest drivers from nVidia.

2. Try Xine! ( http://xine.sourceforge.net )

sndev 11-22-02 05:35 AM

download the drivers for nvdivia and install

enable gui when configure mplayer ( ./configure --enable-gui ) make; su; make install ldconfig

download one skin and run gmplayer
chose properties and in video chose drivers xv/x11

if u wan't enable gui run in console mplayer -vo xv

or can u see what drivers have now with
mplayer -vo help

(see help docs.........)
(sorry for error in my english )

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