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chovy 01-01-05 01:25 AM

FX5700 with ghosts?
I just noticed today, that my new graphics card (eVGA GeForce FX5700 Personal Cinema 256mb tv/fm tuner) now shows little ghosts (about 4 levels of ghosts) on thing in the screen, like window edges, and drop down menus, etc.

I tried to take a screenshot, to show you, but it only shows up on my computer w/this card. I switch to my other computer (same monitor), and the image looks fine. So it has to be the graphics card.

Any ideas? I've tried changing refresh rate, and the other settings, but I can't get it to go away.

bonchez 01-01-05 02:25 AM

Re: FX5700 with ghosts?
What do you mean by "ghosts"

chovy 01-01-05 02:54 AM

Re: FX5700 with ghosts?

Originally Posted by bonchez
What do you mean by "ghosts"

Maybe yo're too young, but back in the old days of TV antennas, when you couldn't get a channel in perfectly, you got what were commonly called "ghosts"

it's basically a shadow effect, although in my case about 5-10 shadows on objects on the screen, ie- menus, window edges, etc.

Kickus_assius 01-01-05 03:26 AM

Re: FX5700 with ghosts?
New Drivers for chipset and Vid Card?

Baracade980 01-01-05 10:37 AM

Re: FX5700 with ghosts?
Wow. Thats awfully weird. Did you try using a different monitor with the same card or moving the card to a different system entirely? Because it could be your monitor is goin' bad... I know that when my dads monitor wasn't pluged in entirely, it'd make ghosts and the colors would be screwy. Worst case... maybe the card has gotten damaged somehow. Check all your stuff (drivers), run some tests (switch monitors), and hope it isn't just the card.

chovy 01-01-05 01:10 PM

Re: FX5700 with ghosts?
It's not the monitor, because i'm on a kvm switch, and my other computer (linux) doesn't have this shadow effect. It's gotta be the graphics card. I used the drivers that were on the cd, I guess I could try updating, but I think if it were the drivers people would've been complaining in droves. I checked the monitor cable connections and they are both fine.

ricercar 01-03-05 05:53 PM

Thanks for mentioning the KVM
You should probably connect the graphics card directly to the display (without the KVM) before you point your finger at the graphics card as faulty.

KVM configurations are notorious for adding ghosts. It's not necessarily the graphics card, the cabling or the monitor, but some combinations can prove impossible to view clearly without artifacts. In over 14 years of KVM use, I generally feel lucky to have a KVM machine display without artifacts/ghosts rather than feel unlucky to have one with artifacts.

Additionally, one VGA port is significantly better than the other on most of the 60+ NVIDIA cards that I've tested. YMMV.

chovy 01-03-05 08:30 PM

Re: FX5700 with ghosts?
Yes, you are right. It is either the cable or the switch itself. Works fine when directly connected.

Can you recommend a good 4-port ps/2 w/audio kvm switch? I'm using 3 of the 4 ports, and currently have a belkin soho kvm

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