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martyp 01-03-05 01:22 PM

Please help - new drivers don't do 800X600
Hi all,

Really hoping someone may know what to do to sort this one...

Basically, after installing the laters detonators from the Nvidia site (version 66.93) I found a problem with 800 X 600 resolution after trying to play a game.
I tested DirectX and tests ran in that resolution were bad also.

If I set my resolution in Windows to 800 X 600 the screen goes all messy with jagged horizontal lines. I don't recall having this issue with earlier drivers and I tested without the latest drivers (basic Windows display drivers) and it worked on 800 X 600 fine (so both monitor and card are capable of this...)

I can only assume it is a bug in the latest drivers...

I was hoping there may be a setting I could try to fix this instead of having to roll back to older drivers...

My machine spec is as follows:

AMD K7VT2 motherboard (VIA chipset) with Athlon 2.2GHz
PNY Nvidia GeForce 4 MX 440 SE
Acer AL1511 Monitor (15" LCD 55-75Hz)
Windows XP SP1
DirectX 9.0c

Any ideas anyone on this one???

Many thanks in advance for any replies...

saturnotaku 01-03-05 01:48 PM

Re: Please help - new drivers don't do 800X600
Can you post a screenshot of the problem you're experiencing?

martyp 01-03-05 02:02 PM

Re: Please help - new drivers don't do 800X600
Sorry, I can't I'm afraid...I did try a minute ago though...(thought the same thing)

If I do a screen grab it looks exactly the same as when at 1024X768, it doesn't show any difference at all.

The display is all shakey and jagged and distorted.
You can still make out most things. The colours are all still fine, it's just all distorted and shakey...

Hang on...I have another idea...take a photo with my mobile!!!

Please see below, the before and after shots:


The first is how is is normally (sorry about the background, my gf put that on to be festive...). The other two are very close up as at the same distance the first was taken you don't see any difference in the picture.


martyp 01-04-05 08:24 AM

Re: Please help - new drivers don't do 800X600
If it's of any significance...
TV output works fine on either 800 X 600 or 1024 X 768 so I successfully played the game on my TV.

I'm suspecting an incompatability with my monitor?

The NVidia drivers picked my monitor up as P & P and identified it correctly with the correct capabilities...

I'm wondering about going to the monitor manufacturer for advice or possibly installing the monitor driver from the manufacturer although it is dated 2003...

Any other suggestions on this one anyone???

kRogue 01-04-05 11:36 AM

Re: Please help - new drivers don't do 800X600

I got the same issues with driver version 66.94... well actuallly I was jsut trying to play my old DiabloII after I upgraded the drivers and the video before playing is all wacked and it is all whacked during if the playing resolution is at 800x600... can play at 640x480 though... so I reverted back to the older 61.76 drivers..at first I though the game got corrupted so I reinstalled it. waste of time...

for the recrod my sytem is:

AMD Athlon XP 3000+
nForce2 Motehrboard
GeForce 5900XP
Windows 98SE {NOT Windows XP!!!}
DirectX v9.0C

martyp 01-05-05 06:31 AM

Re: Please help - new drivers don't do 800X600
Hi kRogue,
Thanks for the response! Glad to know it's not me with failing eyesight or a botched PC (built it myself and my job is IT support!)
Have you tried just setting the windows resolution to 800 X 600?
I can't go below that unfortunately as my LCD display doesn't allow it...

kRogue 01-05-05 05:54 PM

Re: Please help - new drivers don't do 800X600
on my system (which is jsut Win98SE) changing the desktop resoultions is ok, but DrivectDraw/DricetX stuff is trashed (like DIablo2, older games like DeusEx)
I've reverted back to 56.something.... only HalfLife2 gives me lip about it....

martyp 01-06-05 09:04 AM

Re: Please help - new drivers don't do 800X600
The graphics card manufacturer has suggested older drivers. I'll give those a go...
I upgraded to the latest ones about two months ago but hadn't tried 800 X 600 since then...
See how a downgrade in drivers does...
I don't recall any problems with the previous NVidia drivers...
I tried reinstalling DirectX and installing 9.0c but I can only assume it's the drivers as my monitor just cannot do that resolution with the NVidia drivers installed...
I'm also awaiting feedback from the monitor mfr (Acer)

martyp 01-06-05 06:25 PM

Re: Please help - new drivers don't do 800X600
OK, went back to drivers 61.76 & 61.77 and still the same...
yet still with no NVidia drivers installed 800 X 600 works...

Not sure about going back to 5x.xx drivers...??

My BIOS is the latest version so to are the VIA 4 in 1 drivers (as suggested by the graphics card mfr)

martyp 01-07-05 05:14 PM

Re: Please help - new drivers don't do 800X600
Hi all,

I have a result!!!
Version 56.72 works great in 800 X 600...
Thing is...not sure how good it is with DirectX 9.0c...
Should I still persist with newer drivers or just stick with 56.72?

I'm now thinking about my BIOS version of my card, it's Can I flash this with an update?

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