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Wedge1 01-04-05 02:41 PM

GF4 PCI problem with Sims 2
Hi all, sorry if this isn't the appropriate forum since it is technically a gaming problem, but the graphics card in question is a GF4 PCI 64MB.

I have a problem with missing textures in The Sims 2 on the rooftops of some (not all) houses.

Also, the little ID boxes on the left side of the screen don't always show a face as it should. It is frequently blank.

I am asking for help for my neice because she plays the game, not me. So if I am not being descriptive enough, let me know, but please be patient because I have to act as a middle-man for her and you guys at the forum.

Any guidance, help, advice, etc., is appreciated.

Wedge1 01-04-05 03:18 PM

Re: GF4 PCI problem with Sims 2
More info:

XP Home SP1 and DX 9.0c
PIII 933MHz with SSE
GF4 MX 420 PCI Video Adapter
Nvidia driver: 71.22

Plenty of hard drive space (40GB+)

ekloot1978 01-05-05 12:17 PM

Re: GF4 PCI problem with Sims 2
Just out of curiosity have you tried the 66.93 WHQL drivers? or even the good old 56.72 WHQL drivers? My girlfriend was playing the Sims 2 on a geforce 4 MX 440 card (AGP) with the 56.72 drivers and as far as I knew it was working fine...either that or she didn't notice the missing textures. She is playing it now using the 66.93 drivers since I had to reinstall her computer because of some unrelated virus issues. But she hasn't complained about any missing textures or anything with the 66.93 drivers either...but like I said before, maybe she just hasn't noticed it. Either way I would probably give the 56.72 or 66.93 drivers a shot to see if one of those fix the problems.

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