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jAkUp 01-06-05 01:33 AM

6800 Ultra SLI Benchmarks
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Wondering where I've been? Benchmarking :)

Got my rig up and running last night, thing are running flawless for the most part. It's definetely much easier to setup than I originally thought. The only problem I had was getting NBA Live 2005 to work, does not seem to be compatible at this time with SLI, but no worries, I'm sure a driver update will take care of that.

SLI is a huge step for graphics rendering, this year we should see some very impressive looking games.

Here is my setup:
Everything was run at stock speeds
AMD 3500+ 90nm (2.2GHz)
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe
1GB Corsair CL2.0 (running at 400MHz)
2x eVGA 6800 Ultra's SLI (400MHz/1.1GHz)
Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS
PC Power and Cooling 510 Deluxe

Nvidia driver at Quality
71.24 Drivers
Optimizations on

3DMark 2003
Score= 20,790

3DMark 2005
Score= 9,150

NFS Underground 2 Demo
1600x1200 Maxed Ingame AA/8xAF
Light Trails Off
Min=19 FPS, Max=44 FPS, Avg=30.77 FPS

1600x1200 Maxed Ingame AA/16xAF
Light Trails Off
Min=16 FPS, Max=44 FPS, Avg=28.77 FPS

Doom 3
Ultra Quality
-1600x1200 4xAA/8xAF
70.5 FPS

Race, 8 Opponents
-1600x1200 4xAA/16xAF
Min=50 FPS, Max=103 FPS, Avg=97.71 FPS

Half-Life 2 Stress Test
-1600x1200 4xAA/16xAF
114.41 FPS

-1920x1440 4xAA/16xAF
79.35 FPS

FarCry HDR (Mode 7 HDR)
Training Level
-1600x1200 0xAA/0xAF
Min=21 FPS, Max=36 FPS, Avg=30 FPS

FarCry (No HDR)
Research Timedemo
-1600x1200 4xAA/8xAF

Unreal Tournament 2004
-1600x1200 4xAA/16xAF
Min=123 FPS, Max=260 FPS, Avg=182.55 FPS

-1900x1200 4xAA/16xAF
Min=92 FPS, Max=212 FPS, Avg=129.21 FPS

Max Payne 2
Part I
-1600x1200 4xAA/16xAF
Min=56 FPS, Max=279 FPS, Avg=126.31 FPS

Chronicles of Riddick
Intro Level
SM2.0++ Mode
-1600x1200 0xAA/0xAF
Min=18 FPS, Max=32 FPS, Avg=23.38 FPS

SM2.0 Mode
Min=62 FPS, Max=84 FPS, Avg=69.70 FPS

NBA Live 2005
1600x1200 4x/16x
Min=71 FPS, Max=109 FPS, Avg=90.4 FPS

1337_Like_ThaT 01-06-05 01:40 AM

Re: 6800 Ultra SLI Benchmarks
Now those are some #'s to drool over :drooling:
Your 05' Benchmark is basically double than that of 1 single 6800ultra being that at stock speeds. Can't wait to see what you hit once you start to OC that bad boy :D...

And who said is what's the poing in SLI....

wshadow 01-06-05 01:40 AM

Re: 6800 Ultra SLI Benchmarks

cant wait till ya get the watercooling and dual nv5 :P heheh

dont stay up too late benchin', we open tommorow ;) :D

bomberbrown 01-06-05 01:46 AM

Re: 6800 Ultra SLI Benchmarks
I was very surprised to see that Chronicles of Riddick on SLI was still stuggling. I would of imagined SLI to stomp through SM2.0++ Mode.

Top rig well impressed! I'm hanging on for a bit before I go SLI would like to get a pair of Gainward Golden Sample Ultras.

MUYA 01-06-05 01:52 AM

Re: 6800 Ultra SLI Benchmarks
Thanks Jaks...how about Non HDR Far Cry numbers...maybe not carrier as I found thatis very dependent on CPU powah! :p Maybe...Volcano? Regulator? Reasearch?

jAkUp 01-06-05 01:56 AM

Re: 6800 Ultra SLI Benchmarks
Sure.. 1 sec... BTW, just loaded up Splinter Cell Pandora Tommorrow, doesn't seem to work with SLI as of now...

Cota 01-06-05 01:58 AM

Re: 6800 Ultra SLI Benchmarks
Any success on using AFR and SRL modes?

BTW envy makes me do this

I hate you!!! And I hope your rig burns in flames

End of ENVY rant

:D :D :D

GlowStick 01-06-05 02:20 AM

Re: 6800 Ultra SLI Benchmarks
OMG sweetness!

jAkUp 01-06-05 02:23 AM

Re: 6800 Ultra SLI Benchmarks
1600x1200 4xAA/8xAF
Min=20 FPS, Max=69 FPS, Avg=45FPS

Min=21 FPS, Max=50 FPS, Avg=34.8FPS

As for the AFR and SFR mode, I haven't really played around with it much yet, mostly I left it at Auto. (I believe most games it defaults to SFR)

MUYA 01-06-05 02:33 AM

Re: 6800 Ultra SLI Benchmarks
Thanks Jaks.

looking at them scores... wow is volcano that much of a hog? thats normally not so hoggy on GPU.

BTW jaks optimizations on or off dude?

jAkUp 01-06-05 02:34 AM

Re: 6800 Ultra SLI Benchmarks
1 Attachment(s)
Optimizations on, also, that Volcano level was the indoor part, with baddies running around :)

BTW, This is also what happens if you stick your finger in a CPU fan while benchmarking... Not good :D

ChrisRay 01-06-05 02:40 AM

Re: 6800 Ultra SLI Benchmarks
Hey Jakup. How about the metal bridge with all those rocket launcher creatures below. How's that part running? Volcano level.

Heh I've crunched my finger once when I messen with the CPU/heatsink as well.

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