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sr338 01-11-05 02:43 AM

problem with graphics (updated w/ pics)
whenever I play games it looks like one plane of 3d shapes goes on forever, wether its animated or not. it varies from shape to shape, but it happens with games like counterstrike and half life 2 and call of duty.
I have the latest drivers and I'm wondering what I can do to fix it.
THanks a lot you guys, I appreciate the help.

saturnotaku 01-11-05 07:29 AM

Re: problem with graphics
Umm..care to post your system specs and screenshots of the problem? We're not mind readers here.

sr338 01-14-05 03:24 AM

Re: problem with graphics
yeah sorry, its an Nvidia GeForce Ti 4200 with AGP8x. (128 mb)
I'm running a P4 3.1 Ghz, 510 mb ram. Here's some pictures of whats happening. Also you can't see it in the pictures but in dark areas in the games there are lots of little green or white dots, REALLY small.
Thats what it looks like. Thanks for your help guys.

Grechie 01-14-05 04:56 AM

Re: problem with graphics
looks like a heating issue....

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