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macatak 01-11-05 07:00 PM

Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners
Hi, just checking that i'm getting the performance that i should in Far Cry with my recent CPU/Mobo upgrade so if you'd like to post your results using the Far Cry Benchmark Utility which you can download from here http://www.hardwareoc.hu/index.php/p.../7/y/5851.html or here http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=830 and use the following settings
Demo: Ubisoft Research Demo
Settings 1: 1280 x 1024, Max Details
Settings 2: Pixel Shader = Default, Filters = AF x 8, AA x 4
Settings 3: Renderer = Direct3D, Language = English, Number of times = 2
Specific: No boxes ticked
Please post a pic of your results, here's mine http://trog.qgl.org/imagehost/FC67.03.JPG
Thanks for your input :)

ripty 01-22-05 01:11 PM

Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners

I've been lurking around various amd forums for similar info - not the easiest to find. I'm on a s754 setup, and got similar (but slightly slower) results. Here they are:

Looks like there's some evidence the 90nm winchester's clock for clock can be more performant in some instances. Dual channel memory advantage perhaps? More tests would have to verify this. Thanks for posting , it gave me some context as to whether or not my system was within an acceptable performance range.

My system specs
2800+ @ 2.318GHZ
4x257HTT, 211mhz MEM, 2-3-3-5
chaintech vnf3-250, 10/29 bios
eVGA 6800 GT 415/1150 [EDIT] - using extremeG 67.03 from valance

macatak 01-22-05 08:34 PM

Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners
Thanks for the reply, i was just surprised my Far Cry benchmark score never changed after up grading from a xp3200+(socket A)/nforce2ultra mobo to my current setup(this also happened with Riddick EFBB) yet my scores went up with other games i have like Doom3, HalfLife2, Call of Duty, Painkiller, Quake3 and UT2K3. It must be because Far Cry and Riddick are more 'graphics limited' than 'cpu limited' although i have read otherwise with Far Cry.



Amoor 01-23-05 07:30 AM

Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners
I am getting slightly higher result with a P4 3.0c and a 6800GT@400/1100...


macatak 01-23-05 08:05 AM

Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners
Thanks Amoor, it would be interesting to see if your score increases by overclocking your CPU, as you can see we're getting similar scores with our GFX cards clocked at the same speed. I find my score doesn't budge at all when i overclock my CPU.

Amoor 01-23-05 08:41 AM

Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners
alright i did the test @3.4g and gained about 1.5 frames, here is the results:

The benchmark started at 1_23_2005 4:33:47 PM


Resolution: 12801024
Maximum quality option, Direct3D renderer
Level: Research, demo: Research.tmd
Pixel shader: default model
Antialising: 4
Anisotrophic filtering: 8
HDR: disabled
Geometry Instancing: disabled
Normal-maps compression: disabled

Score = 70.70 FPS (Run 1)
Score = 72.05 FPS (Run 2)
Average score = 71.37 FPS

macatak 01-23-05 09:28 AM

Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners
That would be a fair size overclock i'd imagine going from 3.0 to 3.4GHz and to only gain about 1.5 sec just goes to show how little you would gain from upgrading your CPU for Far Cry, i can gain about 5/6 fps by o/clocking my GFX card in the same test going from 400/1100 to 430/1200. At 430/1200 my score goes from 68.62fps to 74.85 fps
thx for doing that :)

Amoor 01-23-05 09:59 AM

Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners
np :) but i think it might be different in actual gameplay, may be if you run FRAPs or something to record your FPS and play for 2 or 3 mins, you could see improvement by overclocking the CPU...

macatak 01-23-05 10:31 AM

Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners
lol. i've finally given up trying to get this game to run properly at the recommended settings, i've updated GFX card, CPU all to no avail, the only way i can get this game to run smoothly is to lower the Lighting Quality setting to Low and with all the other settings on very high, it doesn't look as good with no shadows etc but it's much more enjoyable to play now that it doesn't pause, hiccup and hitch anyore, and believe me , i've tried everything from drivers, latency tools, no sound so i'll just finish the game on that setting and then uninstall it. I've read in forums of so many people with good systems that have the same trouble with Far Cry, just one of those games i suppose :)

If you read this article it pretty well describes how the game plays with the 1.3 patch for me http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=Njc4LDM= and how one person had these same problems and another didn't.

ripty 01-23-05 05:12 PM

Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners

I came to that same conclusion, although I still feel I've got some performance to be gained. I recently went through the trouble of re-flashing my bios down 2 versions, only to have my machine not be able to boot my SATA disk while other PATA disks were attached. Annoying, because the performance issues I'm having seem to be relegated to the bios revision I'm currently at. Ah well, half the fun is tweaking (until your machine won't boot).

macatak 01-23-05 06:04 PM

Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners
I just uninstalled the game then reinstalled and applied the 1.1 Patch, seems to play pretty good, tried to find the 1.2 patch but lucked out

ripty 01-29-05 09:44 PM

Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners
macatak, Install the far cry 1.3 patch - it includes the SM 3.0 optimizations that generally offer better fps + IQ. I've fixed the bios issue I had, and my performance is much better across the board. Here's the latest:

quite happy with this, default driver settings.

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