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***CENSORED*** 11-23-02 06:50 PM

Video of the Dawn demo!
ExtremeTech has posted a video of the Dawn demo:)

alex.burm 11-25-02 07:08 AM

November 22, 2002
Sexy Video Shows Off GeForceFX Power

Discuss this now (3 posts)

Inside the GeForceFX Architecture

Nvidia NV30 Buyers Must Wait 'Til Next Year

Review: nVidia GPU Delivers Fastest Mobile 3D Performance

Although not as obviously pornographic as BMX XXX, nVidia's rendering of a scantily clad pixie left little to the imagination. Filmy, almost sheer leaves cover the wood sprite's private parts -- and seem to be added as an afterthought. The rendering, created by one of the Final Fantasy designers, is both beautiful and slightly unsettling.

According to an nVidia representative, a version of this demo does exist with the leaves removed. "We're bringing porno to graphics", chortled the exec, who wished to remain nameless.

We'll try as hard as we can to uncover the X-rated version of this demo, but for now you'll just have to imagine what she'll look like when the leaves fall from the trees -- as it were.

ok here:

demonized 11-25-02 02:05 PM


Originally posted by alex.burm
November 22, 2002

ok here:

heh, was that suppose to be the x-rated version:)
the godamn leaves are getting on my nerves:)

thcdru2k 11-25-02 02:47 PM

nah..thats the regular. x-rated is suppose to be completely nude :)

saturnotaku 11-25-02 02:56 PM

The X-rated version would be far more appealing to me if she didn't have that short, dark hair. Give her long, flowing blonde or red locks and hooah!

But she looks kinda butch with the hair she's got now. :(

de><ta 11-25-02 03:26 PM

yup need longer hair and a tad bit more bounce...:rolleyes: ;)

ricercar 11-25-02 05:02 PM

Anatomically correct, politically incorrect
The naked version really exists.

Apparently the driver developers rewrote the drivers until they discovered which vertice sets were Dawn's clothing, and wrote a driver to ignore those sets of vertices. This is a bit over my head, but the effects were not.

Without her clothing, Dawn is ... fully realized. Some programmers at NVIDIA have WAYYY too much time on their hands!

styles-T 11-25-02 06:00 PM

Re: Anatomically correct, politically incorrect

Originally posted by ricercar
Some programmers at NVIDIA have WAYYY too much time on their hands!

Its not time thats on their hands..:D

DaveW 11-25-02 06:56 PM

If they ever release the demo to the public I am sure some user-created equivalent of the "nude raider" will be spreading the net within hours :)

stncttr908 11-25-02 07:48 PM

Re: Re: Anatomically correct, politically incorrect

Originally posted by !plonk*
Its not time thats on their hands..:D
Bahahaha that's a good one. :D

Matthyahuw 11-25-02 10:31 PM

she does have very nice chesticles...oops did I just say that?
Gotta go lookat a real woman now, excuse me...

alex.burm 11-26-02 12:48 PM

dunno if she looks butch or not, i like women with short hair like that, doesnt get in the way as much!
and when she moves, do her breasticles bounce as well? :D :D :D

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