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SurgeDS 01-15-05 12:26 AM

computer beeps when gaming
hi, i have a nvidia 5900 ultra 256. I overclocked by card to the hights/ safe's mark possiable. I played for about 4 days. than i became to reliaze that while playing a game called FarCry, my computer BEEPS every 10-20 minutes ONCE. The beap sounds like a "post beap" when your computer boots up...
...I hit the "automatic overclock" and lower my overclocking by much much less. So my graphics card is barly overclocked now..... Now, it still beeps like every 20 minutes like a cmos beap when computer boots up. Also, for some reason, every once in a while, my GAME freaze's and when i press lots of buttons and wait like 20 seconds, my computer/ in game, unfreazes and i play on.

Does anybody know whats going on? My computer is virus free and spyware free.... The beeping noise started a few days after i overclocked my card. Than when i lowerd my over clocking, it still beeped and i get "game freazes" sometimes. Can anybody tell me whats going on? thanks a lot.!!!

Clay 01-15-05 12:28 AM

Re: computer beeps when gaming
Have you checked to make sure that the molex power connections to your 5900U are seated tightly? Also check to make sure that there are no foreign objects in your case and re-check all of your other power connections.

Kickus_assius 01-15-05 02:33 AM

Re: computer beeps when gaming
AGP aperture size? How much system ram?

SurgeDS 01-15-05 02:49 AM

Re: computer beeps when gaming
here are my specs.

I have a kick butt asua board. Has a AGP slot of 8x.

I just bought a atec 550 power supply.

p4 3.0

1024 of GELI ram (expensive)

hard drive is western digtal Serail ATA at 10 cach.

.................................................. .............................................

power cord. If my power cord was not pluged into my video card, a warning would have came up and told me that i dont have it pluged in when i start my computer...


Also, it only beeps when i game. Not when its just windows running....

is this dangerous?

SurgeDS 01-15-05 02:53 AM

Re: computer beeps when gaming
PS... i posted the same problem on computing.net.

a guy replyed saying this ":

"You may have fried some of the onboard ram. Now it generates too much heat and sends out a warning; then freezes."

I dont think he is correct. Besides, what the heck is onboard ram? Is that even real? Did he mean "ram sticks" it self?

If he is correct, how do you fix this problem?

I think he is incorrect. My video card runs at 47 degrees and my computer holds its tempeture at 73 degrees... i think hes just a computer nerd. not a gaming nerd. hehe.

Aurthus 01-17-05 07:48 PM

Re: computer beeps when gaming
mine does this too, but its my pos keyboard.. it doesnt like to have certain keys pushed at the same time... Like w for foward/space to swim up and V for ventrillo.. it beeps and doesnt swim up lol. (playing DaoC)

alucard_x 01-18-05 05:41 PM

Re: computer beeps when gaming
aurthus: this happens if you use your keyboard in the PS/2 port. get a real USB keyboard and it should eliminate that problem.

Surge: i'm not sure whats wrong, but my pc also freezes up from time to time on my desktop, and while it freezes up if i press buttons my computer starts beeping until it unfreezes. this never really happens in 3D games tho (besides vampire: bloodlines, buggy ass game).

i think its time for my to reformat/reinstall windows anyways

CaptNKILL 01-19-05 12:16 AM

Re: computer beeps when gaming
I had the same thought as Aurthus. When I play BF1942 some times my system beeps. Its just the way I have my controls set. If you hold 3 (or 4?) keys at the same time, it will make the system beep.

Theres a chance this could be the problem... but Its just an idea.

SurgeDS 01-20-05 03:49 AM

Re: computer beeps when gaming
Wow, now my game freaze every time when i start playing and the first thing i do after i enter the server, like 5 10 seconds later, it freezes for like 15 seconds, and than it un freazes and doeasnt freez up for pretty much the rest of the game.

ps. i just reformated my computer not to long ago also.

VoltFox 01-20-05 05:13 AM

Re: computer beeps when gaming
I think it beeps because your CPU runs too hot when you play games. 73 degrees when its idle is really hot I presumed. Try checking the CPU fan or replace it with a better fan, I hope that helps.

Headbust 02-01-05 04:04 PM

Re: computer beeps when gaming
Could be his videocard overhearting and the video card has a speaker on it(lots of them do latley) warning of this

GamerGuyX 02-01-05 05:03 PM

Re: computer beeps when gaming

Originally Posted by SurgeDS
Besides, what the heck is onboard ram?

You don't know what onboard RAM is? Its the memory that is on the video card itself. You see my specs, I have a 6800 nu video card and it has 128 mb of RAM. All video cards have RAM built onto the card itself. This is what's known as "onboard RAM". So its not the guy that doesn't know what he is talking about. Its YOU.

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