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broder 01-16-05 08:35 AM

performance hit when not runnung AGP?

due to the well known "screen freezes but mouse pointer moves" problem/bug/nuisance I decided to turn of AGP (-> Option NvAGP "0" in corg.conf). Since then I do not see any problems and even "Neverwinter Nights" runs fine.

So my question:

How does performance with AGP disabled compare to AGP enabled? Does anyone have any experience with this? I guess this cannot answered that general, but I wanted to ask anyway... ;-)

My card (GrForce4 MX440) allows 4xAGP, but due to VIA chipset I could probably go up to 2xAGP. Anyway, right now I do not have any AGP.

just for the record: Here are my specs:

FreeBSD 5.3-current with nvidia-driver 6113
Mobo: Advance 10M (VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset)
Processor: Intel III 866 Mhz
GeForce4 440Mx-SE
(Yes I know it's not the newest/fastest...)



gram_vaz 01-28-05 01:39 AM

Re: performance hit when not runnung AGP?
not having agp enabled puts u in pci mode. it will give u a huge performance hit with a fast card. geforce4 mx isn't a fast card so that's probably why it still runs ok for u.

[edit] lol, i just realized i'm in the linux forum. forget what i said. i don't know what disabling agp in linux does.

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