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Tr1cK 01-17-05 12:04 PM

SANDRA 2005 Lite memory bandwidth
With a normal 33 processes running, system in sig, I get a 6893 / 6814 in SANDRA 2005 Lite for memory bandwidth. Is this good? What are you guys getting with your o/cd setups? Mine is at DDR500 btw.

Just changed timings to 2.5-3-3-11-1 and got 6927 / 6870.

Daneel Olivaw 01-17-05 01:06 PM

Re: SANDRA 2005 Lite memory bandwidth
Yes, it's good. I get 6100 MB/s.

Try unbuffered test. I get 4700 MB/s

Toss3 01-17-05 03:29 PM

Re: SANDRA 2005 Lite memory bandwidth
Hmm :D I got like 3580/3530 mb/s... but I have 333mhz memory running at 320Mhz so that could explain it, couldn't it?

I have to say WOW when I look at your setup; you've clocked your 2.4ghz to 3.4ghz? that's kinda insane... I can't even reach 3ghz and I have watercooling :-S maybe you'll let me in on your oc'ing secret?? ;)

thnx in advance

Daneel Olivaw 01-17-05 05:54 PM

Re: SANDRA 2005 Lite memory bandwidth
Thanks ;) Could you send me that vidcard of yours :)
Get a 2.4C from malaysia. And a P4C800. My P4P800 is good, but it won't allow for 1:1 over FSB 250MHz, though my whole setup can do 283MHz (ram and CPU). So I'm at 4:5. And the worst part is, I actually was able to enable PAT up to FSB250!!! But my northbridge is f* up, all P4P800 seem to be, and it shoots out all sort of errors over 250MHz at 1:1

With that 6800 and Northwood C, your PSU might also be limiting you.

No overvolting. Air cooling. Is there no way you can coax a 4:5 ratio from that memory of yours? To go over 333MHz, maybe you could slack mem latencies?

Toss3 01-18-05 07:58 AM

Re: SANDRA 2005 Lite memory bandwidth
Okey thnx.. :) but my mobo doesn't even allow me to change cpu ratio :( which kinda sucks... but I can change the speed of my RAM though and doing that helps me to up the FSB :) so my memory is running only at 266mhz, but I've upped my fsb so that it's running at 320mhz(can't do 330mhz for some reason which would allow me to have 3ghz) :(... and I don't think it's my PSU since it says that my ram timings are set too "something" :) and not allowing me to reboot :-/... but maybe I'll get a 3.2Ghz p4 and 1Gb of ddr 400 :) that would probably allow me to oc higher :D

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