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wb.kloke 01-18-05 01:23 PM

active stereo FreeBSD5.3 Quadro 550 experiences
I have tried to get stereo mode 1 working on a Quadro 550 XGL on a AMD-64 system.

Here are my experiences. On my older K6 system this type of stereo seemed to work since 6113 nearly usable. Flickering disturbances were present, but minor.
On the AMD64 with i386 kernel, only short moments of stereo vision are present between lots of random flickering, as was prior to 6113 on my older system. There is a message:
"AGP cannot be enabled on this combination of the AMD CPU an OS kernel. Kernel upgrade recommended." This is not possible, of course, as there is no newer -STABLE kernel.
AMD64 is not supported for FreeBSD till now. Please add me to the list of customers asking for this.

Perhaps the following details may help the developers to find the reason. The flickering starts right after execution of the boot block, but not earlier (i.e. in BIOS setup). In Windows2000, flickering stops soon. In FreeBSD, it continues all the time, except *sometimes* after applying C-c to "pulsar -s" stereo test program. Another start of pulsar with -s resumes flickering, without not. This looks, as if the system may lock into a stable state for some random reason, but seldom.

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