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frankc 01-18-05 08:16 PM

XFX 5700LE Blinking Flashing Pixels
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I recently purchased a XFX GeForce FX 5700LE graphics card which I am using
on a linux system.

The monitor is a Dell 2001FP. I am using the DVI connector and the
resolution is 1600x1200. More details about the configuration is contained in
the attached nvidia-bug-report.log file.

The problem I have is that I see blinking (green) pixels on the
screen. They are more noticable when I display images and will move with the
image when I reposition it.

On the same monitor I have also tried a second Linux system which has a
6800 graphics card attached. On this system I do not see any problems.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can eliminate this problem?


Thunderbird 01-19-05 01:54 AM

Re: XFX 5700LE Blinking Flashing Pixels
I think those green flashing pixels are actually (patly) dead pixels. Sometimes it is hard to test if they are dead it depends a bit on the color you are displaying.

frankc 01-19-05 05:05 PM

Re: XFX 5700LE Blinking Flashing Pixels
The blinking pixels move with the image when I reposition it.

Also when I use a GeForce 6800 I do not have the problem on the same monitor.

atlas 02-17-05 04:13 PM

Re: XFX 5700LE Blinking Flashing Pixels
Yeah, this a XFX problem with Dell 2001FP. I have the 5700 dual DVI. One monitor displays well, the other shows sparkling pixels. If I switch monitors, the pixels show up on the other monitor. Tech support was non-existent.

jImbEam 02-17-05 08:56 PM

Re: XFX 5700LE Blinking Flashing Pixels
I also have a XFX 5700Ultra Dual DVI and I get the odd pixels. The thing is I have both a 2100FP and a CRT connected. No matter which port I connect the CRT to it looks fine, the problem is only with the LCD and one of the DVI ports.

I am under the impression that one DVI ports is connected to the nVidia chip itself and the other is connected to an external chip (I may be wrong about this, I do know the 6 series are like this). I was thinking that one of the DVI implementations is buggy. My bet is one the one that XFX added and not the nVidia chip itself.

It is also possible that the driver is setting up the port wrong. Hard to tell.


DopeyPanda 03-29-05 01:10 AM

Re: XFX 5700LE Blinking Flashing Pixels
I have a BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra which exhibits the same symptoms. Sparkling/flashing pixels off to the right (in horizontal lines) that follow the window around. Seems to depend on the color values of the background. I first thought it was just my Dell 2001FP, but I recently upgraded to a Dell 2405fpw and it exhibits the same behavior, so now I suspect the video card. This only happens when using the DVI connector (analog with converter works fine). I only run linux, so I don't know if it happens under Windows also.

atlas 04-06-05 08:05 PM

Re: XFX 5700LE Blinking Flashing Pixels
Another oddity I thought I should I mention. The sparkling becomes ten times worse, if I boot up XP with PCI (additional card, in this case NVS 280, but can be any card) as first video card. Sparkling is confined to the one DVI output as usual, out of two (the one closest to the mobo).

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