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mrporlock 01-19-05 02:06 PM

Asus V9560 VS (Geforce FX5600)

I have a Geforce FX 5600 of Asus (V9560) Video Suite and I am having a problem. I want to connect the "Comp. Out" cable to see computer things on my TV. So I connected the cable on my TV, turned on my computer, went in the Nview settings and sellected the "Clone" options, to clone Image from the monitor on other device. But it only recognize the 2nd monitor (this card you can hook up 2 monitors) not the TV, so I can't select to clone Image to TV.

Any suggestion to fix that and appear to clone for a TV?

Tks for the help!

WimpMiester 01-19-05 02:25 PM

Re: Asus V9560 VS (Geforce FX5600)
Did you try checking "My connected TV is not being detected" on the NVIDIA Troublshooting tab?

mrporlock 01-19-05 04:33 PM

Re: Asus V9560 VS (Geforce FX5600)
Yes, I've already did that
I mark it, and it says to restart the windows. I click "ok", the windows restart and then back again with no image and this checkbox its unmarked again.

And now I having other problem. Since it can't recognize any other device plugin, but a monitor, the Nview option to "Clone" or "Dual View" is not showing anymore =/

Oh, and did I mentioned that the image appears on TV in that DOS screen, before the windows start?

quik_2_win 01-19-05 06:23 PM

Re: Asus V9560 VS (Geforce FX5600)
Make sure the cable that connects the TV to the video card is plugged-in very tightly on both ends. Is it an "S-video" cable? If the video card doesn't see a certain resistance on the cable (75ohms, I think) it will determine that a TV is not connected, and you will lose the multi-view options as you stated. Try another cable?

mrporlock 01-19-05 06:35 PM

Re: Asus V9560 VS (Geforce FX5600)
I am using a composite cable

And till the windows start (on the inicialization) , I can see the computer Image on TV so, its not a cable problem =/

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