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jake_maveric_05 01-19-05 07:22 PM

Hey tell me if this is good
I scored 1409 on a test on 3Dmark03 and can someone tell me if thats good?

system spec.
Video=Nvidia geforce4 Ti 4200
Sound=ESS maestro PCI audiodrive

Ram=512.00 MB
prossesor=x86 family 6 model 6 2 stepp Auth. AMD1546 mhz
O.S=Windows Xp pro. service pak 2

help me out here plz :confused: Hey whats the dx9 and the orb place cause im confused i dont know hardly anything about comp.'s.

Sazar 01-19-05 07:34 PM

Re: Hey tell me if this is good
I guess thats good... considering you can't run the dx9 game tests :)

best thing to do is just compare to other similar spec'd systems on the orb and check their relative performance to yours...

latinmike 02-06-05 11:03 PM

Re: Hey tell me if this is good
considering your system and card that may be good for you did you try to over clock your cpu. and your video card with coolbit. one thing you can do is get yourself is more memory. if you can upgade in the naer future I,m going to get twin dimms and maybe go to 64 system/ SLI. hope that help. :cool:

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