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netviper13 01-21-05 12:58 AM

Forum Time
Mike or other Mods/Admins, I think the time on the forums may be ahead by an hour. I just posted and it lists my post time as 12:43 AM, when it was 11:43 PM here. I double checked and my time zone is definitely set to the correct Central Time. Just thought I'd let you guys know. Thanks. :)

superklye 01-21-05 01:55 PM

Re: Forum Time
Sigh...I keep getting freaked out because I forget the time is wrong and I think it's an hour later than it is and that I'm late for class/work

saturnotaku 01-21-05 02:35 PM

Re: Forum Time
Yeah, it's screwed up here as well. Funny since the three of us are in the central time zone.

superklye 01-21-05 03:32 PM

Re: Forum Time
I blame the Democrats specifically, but the whole Left Wing in general as well.

MikeC 01-21-05 06:02 PM

Re: Forum Time
The time should be correct now.

netviper13 01-21-05 10:49 PM

Re: Forum Time
Yep it's correct now, thanks!

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 07:50 AM.

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