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FireRun 01-23-05 03:49 AM

mandrake 10.01 and "rivafb"
im trying to get NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6629-pkg1 to work but this thing called "rivafb" is stoping me when i edit the .conf to run the nVida drivers just fail and x does not load i think its this "rivafb" stoping it but im not sure can anyone help me

harl 01-23-05 05:41 AM

Re: mandrake 10.01 and "rivafb"
Recompile the Linux kernel without rivafb support,
or unload the rivafb module

FireRun 01-23-05 05:59 AM

Re: mandrake 10.01 and "rivafb"
how do i go about doing that

FireRun 01-23-05 03:48 PM

Re: mandrake 10.01 and "rivafb"

ThePainter666 01-29-05 04:37 AM

Re: mandrake 10.01 and "rivafb"
I have had problems with this as well so please if anyone knows how to do this, do tell. :confused:

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