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nikita 11-25-02 04:00 AM

GF4mx and tvout

my configuration works fine until i try'd to activate the tv out of my gf4mx440. i'm using the newest nvdida drivers. the problem is: when i set connectedmontitors to "crt, tv" X doesn't start. the error message i get is: "screen(s) found but none have configuered usable".

does anybody have an idea where the problem could be? (using windows systems the tv-out works, so its no hardware (cable) problem)

amistry 12-17-02 01:10 AM

I'm having the same problem with my Geforce2 MX 400 on FreeBSD. Have you found a solution? Thanks.

Nuke Bloodaxe 12-17-02 02:21 PM

The Tv and GF card issue
This sounds to me like XF86Config-4 does not have an entry for
your tv settings. This is why it is complaining about there being
nothing defined about it.

If you go through the configuration file you will find that there are
definitions for the display on your system.. effectively what you
need to do is to create a seperate definition for the display type
that you have ( the tv ) with all of the same fields as the normal
monitor definitions, but chnaged to reflect the abilities of your TV.

Once that is done you should be able to make the alterations in
the configuration that refer to that definition you have provided.

I'm afraid that I cannot give you more information than that, but
I am sure that someone has actually done this themselves and
can give a step by step guide.

Nuke Bloodaxe

nikita 12-18-02 06:40 AM

GF4 Tvout
thanks for reply, but i've no idea what to write into the XF86Config for configuring the TV as Screen. i've tryed different solutens such as screen with alias tv or screen[1] but it doesn't solve the problem. so once more: does anyone know what to write into the config file?

nikita 12-20-02 06:32 AM

Problem solved
the problem disappeared after installing the newest drivers.



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