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wilder 01-24-05 03:44 AM

Go FX5700 framerate drops!
I encounter serious framerate drops from time to time when playing some games under windows and under linux as well..
I run an athlon64 powered notebook with an 5700FX.
The strange thing is that while doom3 or hf2 run well, NFSU2 and nwn present this problem
Can anyone help me, please?

saturnotaku 01-24-05 07:11 AM

Re: Go FX5700 framerate drops!
What drivers are you using? You can install any of the more recent official/beta sets by going to www.laptopvideo2go.com, downloading the drivers and the modified .inf file that supports all desktop and mobile GPUs. More information about the newer drivers is available in the driver forum as well as through the search function here.

wilder 01-24-05 12:34 PM

Re: Go FX5700 framerate drops!
I'll have a look, anyway i'm using official 6693 under Xp and official 64-bit 6111 under linux (some problem with 6693 drivers) altough nwn under linux runs on emu 32-bit.
My idea was something like overheating, because this problem appears after some time that I play. But it is not plain overheating, because doom3 and farcry don't have this problem, and I can't believe they don't "heat" as much as nwn..
Any suggestions?

Thx again

---Hey! I tried a newer driver.. in fact it worked! no more sudden framerate drops: it is ALWAYS slow. :D
I switched back to older drivers...
Does anybody know if there is something to log in a file the GPU temperature during, for example, gameplay? I know (and I made it) how to do it under linux, but no idea under windows. :p

I measured the temperature while playing nwn under linux and i got a strong correlation between framerate drops and core temp about 100-105 C (!!) It can be in fact that nvidia chip downclocks itself when it is so hot. Thank you and bye!

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