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zachncst 01-28-05 11:47 AM

Grub Bootloader Help
Hey guys,

I'm new to Linux (just installed Fedora on compy yesterday) and I absolutely love the flexibility of the OS. I have one problem though (not very big but I don't want to mess with things unless I know what I'm doing), I need to load Win XP as the default with the Grub Bootloader. Does anyone know what line needs to be edited? I'll post a copy of the conf file when I get on the system at home but if anyone can answer me before then, praise to you!


whig 01-28-05 06:29 PM

Re: Grub Bootloader Help
The "Default x" line is the one. Replace x with 0 for the first choice listed to be default, x = 1 for the 2nd and so on. You can reorder boot partitions in grub.conf and adjust the Default as much as you like. For you I would make a copy of grub.conf with cp just to be safe.

zachncst 01-30-05 01:47 PM

Re: Grub Bootloader Help
Thanks for the reply, that fixed it. I understood what the line meant but I didn't know the syntax or the numbering system of the Default command. I really didn't feel like having to use rescue and edit the file their if I messed up. So, once again, many thanks for the speedy reply.


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