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t6_shadow 11-25-02 06:22 PM

Mechwarroir 4 mercs
Anyone have this game? It was really quite fun till I go a little into the game and noticed a HUGE AI bug or just bad coding whatever you wanna call it. You am on a mission the is quite hard to beat and when I send my lancemates after a target (aka attack my target) they just stand there! Wtf how am I supposed to kill 6 enemy mechs by myself? Sure they will fight if a baddie just happens to walk near them. But other than that they do nothing.

And it doesn't stop there! Oh no they don't most of the other command either. For instance "Go to my nav point" they just stand there! This is pissing me off becuase due to this bug I can't win hte mission.

DaveW 11-25-02 06:37 PM

I have it but don't like it. I prefered Mechwarrior 2 Mercs... or even Mechwarrior 1. I dunno... somehow the "feel" of a battlemech has been lost. The mechwarrior games are too arcadey/consolish .

Matthyahuw 11-25-02 06:44 PM

I used to be a Captain in a Mercenary unit in StarLance during MW3, and then I moved up to head honcho of my own unit, then I played MW4 for a long time w/o a unit, didn't play much since then, it's just not as fun anymore...

As for your bug, I haven't seen it yet, but I'm not as far as you...

The Baron 11-25-02 07:05 PM

It's true... they really have defiled that which is Mechwarrior 2: Mercs.

*cries* :(

LORD-eX-Bu 11-25-02 07:23 PM

Earthseige was fun :D :p

thcdru2k 11-25-02 09:04 PM

i use to play mechwarrior 2 mercs on 56k...in dos and than in windows. oh i miss the old days.

priest77 11-25-02 09:46 PM

What always has bugged me about MW4 is how you can't move your mech's arms to aim. In MW3 you could do this with your mouse but in MW4 you might as well play with a joystick since the crosshair is always stuck dead center in the middle of the screen. I mean what the heck is the point of having weapons mounted on arms at all if you can't move your arms at all?

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