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ThePainter666 01-29-05 04:33 AM

mounting ?
Mandrake 10.1
I didnt like the folders that mandrake had mounted my ntfs partitions so I have made my own folders and Ive edited fstab so it mounts them into my new folders and it has worked fine.
The problem is that I have removed the old folders that are no longer used but when I reboot the system recreates these folders even thought they arent used.
Where is the file that "mkdir /mnt/win_c" makes these directories before mounting ?
I have done searches for this in /etc and /boot but cant find this command in any file ?

Any ideas anyone ?

sm0ke 02-01-05 04:17 PM

Re: mounting ?
hm..... your system SHOULD obey /etc/fstab...
don't have any pointers... sorry

ThePainter666 02-02-05 01:05 AM

Re: mounting ?
It does obey it.
It mounts the partitions no problem and into the flders I have alocated.
The puzzling thing is that it still creates these empty folders that it use to use to mount into.
If I go into the /mnt directory and delete them they go but if I click on recycle on the tool bar they reappear ?
There isnt a command in fstab to mkdir, it is the file that contains this command that I am looking for. :confused:

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