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Yonkers 01-30-05 03:58 AM

Koolance feedback
Reciently I finally saved enough money to get my A64 system running. I decided to have a water cooling system but didn't want to do much modding, so I went with Koolance.

I have had this system running on water for a day now and am completely happy with the performance and the lack of NOISE crated by case fans and the dreaded Delta phan! Any way it is not just the quality of the product I am happy with but I am equally happy with the support Koolance has given me.

Allow me to take you back to last friday. After work I was making a run to Infotech (the OEM shop Koolance owns). I needed a few odds and ends to complete my new system. Well it turns out I was missing a retension bracket that holds the block down on the CPU. This part is not listed any where and if you don't have it you can not install the water block. While I was at the front desk I asked the sales rep if he had any and how much it cost. He check in the back and could not find any. He then writes down a telephone number and the name Matt and says call Koolance and they will get you one. I am thinking "oh great" I will have to wait to have one shipped, pay for it and the shipping which would most likely cost more than the part.

While pulling out of the parking lot I dialed the number and asked for Matt. The secratary pause and sounded confused and said one momen. A minute later Matt answers the phone cautiously and I then proceed to tell him what I needed and also informed him I was about a 10th of a mile from the Koolance warehouse. He said great just come to the front desk and I will meet you there with the part.

A few minutes later I arrive at the warehouse and asked for mat. He brings me the part and asked if I had any questions installing anything. I did have question and he answered them and then I asked how much for the part. He replied "nothing". OK I know this is not a big deal that they would give away a small part that costs almost nothing but I am a strong believer in customer service. I am willing to pay more money for a particular product if I can good service for that product. To me it meant a lot that a ware house tech like Matt who most likely makes only $9 or $10 a hour would take the time to explain the product he works on and back it up.

Major kudos to Infotech and Koolance for the great customer service I received last Friday night and to Infotech for years of good customer service.

YOGIx213 01-30-05 05:48 AM

Re: Koolance feedback
Nice, customer service means a whole lot to me in many areas like in retail and the restaurant industry. I may be recommended to a certain place for the best steaks in town but if the service sucks, it ruins my appetite and I never return. Good service is so rare these days that once I encounter it, I remember the place and make sure to continue to do business there. If the service sucks, I let everyone and their baby's moma know too.

PaiN 01-30-05 06:11 AM

Re: Koolance feedback
I've been using Koolance cooling for a long time, outside of the products being bullet-proof and doing an outstanding job.....anytime I've had to deal with thier customer service or support, they've been very solid to work with.

MUYA 01-30-05 06:46 AM

Re: Koolance feedback
I just wished Coolermaster had the same customer service ethics with regards to my aquagate

Yonkers 01-30-05 12:32 PM

Re: Koolance feedback
I joke with you on your problem Kal but man I feel for ya. That really blows.

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