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cavalier 11-26-02 01:11 AM

James Bond 007: Nightfire BLOWS!
Hi ya'll.

Well I was stoked when I heard none other than 007 was makking his way to the PC (finally!).

So I rushed out and bought this title, only to return it several hours later. If I called it a flaming turd, that'd be an understatement.

Developed by Gearbox and using a modified Half-Life engine (that's right, from FOUR years ago now) the game suffers from MASSIVE clipping problems.

For example, you can walk THROUGH the back of a truck and, most times, INTO other characters...not to mention slipping into walls, etc.

The biggest joke are the weapons. You start with a handgun and, in one level, get a sniper rifle but....GUESS WHAT? Why use a sniper rifle when you can pick off a guy on a huge airport-like tower from about 1,000 meters out and 350 feet above you with a HANDGUN. It's just a sad example of how the different weapons don't mean jack.

Cutscenes (there are many) are all in grainy 640x480 mode, sad to say, and lack any detail or clarity.

The missions are rather boring chores in tedium (eg: take photos of all the women in a room) and the character designs are repeated FAR too often. In one early level, there were three of the SAME, IDENTICAL men in the same room. Same gos for enemies.

AI is weak, as head shots won't take them down instantly and enemies either stand there shooting at you or bull rush you.

Playing in the FPS, it feels like bond is gliding across the levels on ice skates instead of walking.

Sound is really bad music repeated over-and-over with guns sonding like two erasers being clapped together. It is also defective with most major sound cards, as a nasty echo effect is a known issue in the read me.

This game was clearly rushed for the PC to capitalize on the release of die another day.

Don't even waste your time or money on this steaming pile.

Unfortunately, the same developer (Gearbox) is working on the PC mod of HALO. Better get ready to buy an X-box to play the good version of that game at this rate.

Peace Out!

priest77 11-26-02 01:49 AM

Are you surprised that this game sucks? I never thought this game would be any good. The only James Bond game that has EVER been good (dare I say what has been said a thousand times before) was Goldeneye for the N64 and that game was only good for its time. Every other 007 game that has come out after that one has only been trying to get by on Rare's success with Goldeneye: which is exactly why every game after Rare's sucks. Rare tried to make a good game, everyone else is just trying to make money. These two concepts aren't mutually exclusive.

thcdru2k 11-26-02 09:32 AM

ignpc's review shows lots of boobs.

Kruno 11-26-02 09:58 AM


thcdru2k 11-26-02 10:11 AM


Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R

stncttr908 11-26-02 12:29 PM

Those are some succulent tats.

ReDeeMeR 11-28-02 12:43 PM

rofl, but models look rather stoopid, head's are a little bigger then they should be.

StuRReaL 12-01-02 06:20 AM

its a known fact that games based on a films suck arse and films based on games suck too (the circle is complete)

although having said that where you be without an exception all rules have them :) jedi knight being the exception. Altho i must say tomb raider was done reasonably well (only cause of angleina jolie and the guy who played rimmer in red dewaf) if it wasn't for those two it would have sucked..

The morel of this story don't buy games based on films unless its jedi knight, the industry might then get the message people really don't like them

PontifexMaximus 12-01-02 08:40 AM

Me likes cleavage.

Click here for cleavage!

saturnotaku 12-01-02 11:09 AM

Who'd have thought Quake engine breastessess could look so reasonably good? :p

thcdru2k 12-01-02 11:23 AM

more cleavage

PontifexMaximus 12-01-02 12:41 PM

I wonder what the polygon count is on those fine looking beauties.

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