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split146 11-26-02 01:47 PM

Realplayer NO with the mpgs
I have my redhat 8 machine up and going, I have a few questions if anybody has better suggestions for software
XMMS - every 12-15 MP3 it says i need to configure my plugin
also skins look cheap(but not like im makin a better one)/nods
XINE - works with all my mpgs but is a little grainy
Realplayer - works with nothing (strait dl from realplayer site) Will not load any movie except short sample movie that installs with it. I know from the codec folder that at least a few of the avis i am tryin to play should work.

I love your mom

Chalnoth 11-26-02 05:09 PM

As for Xine, I downloaded the most recent version from http://xine.sourceforge.net and it fixed all of my issues.

XMMS works great with everything I have. Might be a good idea to also see if you can find an updated version on the 'net.

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