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Mr_LoL 02-03-05 07:02 AM

Rules regarding different Forums
Can the moderators please tell me if there are different rules for all the forums. for example the political forum can sometimes just get nasty like that France thread but my thread was locked in the ati forum wihout an explanation. Please explain?

sytaylor 02-03-05 07:31 AM

Re: Rules regarding different Forums

FYI, the political forum is known for being red hot and MikeC only just tolerates it on a "only dip your toes in, if the water doesn't scold you" basis. That's no excuse for out and out flaming (you may have notice me spring to your defence to some degree)... but MUYA likes his sports discussed in pub rules. Be honourable to your fellow sports fans, its an unwritten law.

MUYA 02-03-05 07:32 AM

Re: Rules regarding different Forums

And cheers Sy.

Mr_LoL 02-03-05 07:34 AM

Re: Rules regarding different Forums
Thank you

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