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Fermo 02-07-05 09:51 PM

6600 GT AGP vs 6800...

I want to know if it worth to pay 100$ more between a 6600 gt agp & 6800 agp....

MB: A7N8X-X (BIOS 1010)
Processor: 3000XP Athlon (FSB 333)
MEM: 2x512 K-BYTE PC3200 DDR400
HD: Maxtor Diamond Max 9 (Cache 8MB) 120 GB
HD: Maxtor Diamond Max 9 (Cache 8MB) 80 GB
Video: MSI FX5500 256MB
CD-RW: Sony CRX320A/U
Monitor: NEC Multisync LCD 1760nx

toxikneedle 02-07-05 10:10 PM

Re: 6600 GT AGP vs 6800...
I dont think a 6600gt costs 100 less than a 6800. A 6600 is about 220$ or so and the 6800NU can go anywhere from 250-280$. I would definetely go for a 6800NU, it has a chance of being unlocked, it has more overclocking potential as well, and overall I think its better than a 6600, if youre spending that money, you might as well add a little more and go 1 step up.

Gator 02-08-05 10:33 AM

Re: 6600 GT AGP vs 6800...
Depends what setting you wanna play at, and your budget. The Gigabyte 6600GT AGP sells for $199. The cheapest 6800LE sells for $249, and that's for a no-name brand. If you're like me with an LCD that cannot go beyond 1024x768 and your AA/AF use is moderate, then a 6600GT is a much wiser investment. For overall speed the 6600GT and 6800LE are on par, but the 6800LE has a 256bit memory bus so it's added memory bandwidth helps with AA/AF. And obviously if you get a 6800LE (8 pipes) or 6800 standard (12 pipes) you have the slight chance of modding it to 6800GT (16 pipes).

So it's up to your budget and your gaming use. Both are excellent and will serve you well, but I would advise you not to purchase a no-name brand.

Gentle 02-12-05 09:15 PM

Re: 6600 GT AGP vs 6800...
What are your current system specifications?

Also, please list your monitor information. Screen size and resolutions played at also.


ChrisRay 02-13-05 02:23 AM

Re: 6600 GT AGP vs 6800...
moved to a spot you'll get more replies ;)

saturnotaku 02-13-05 07:58 AM

Re: 6600 GT AGP vs 6800...

Originally Posted by Gentle
What are your current system specifications?

His specs are listed in his signature. I know you said you had them disabled and, as I told you before, images are not allowed on this forum. We also have a general rule of limitations as to length so people don't take up half the screen with a signature.

Gentle 02-13-05 05:47 PM

Re: 6600 GT AGP vs 6800...
O.k. I see the original poster's specifications.

But they did not list all of them.

Monitor specifications were asked for as well.

Thank you.


P.S. If people only list their system specifications in their "signature" why not just change that to "system spec" or something and have a signature be what it really is, a signature.

Edge 02-13-05 06:42 PM

Re: 6600 GT AGP vs 6800...
Unmodded, the two cards run at almost the exact same speed. With the 6800nu, there is the possibility of unlocking the extra pipelines, however the odds are fairly low, and even then it's still limited to 128 megs of video ram like the 6600gt. For the price, I'd say definatly get the 6600gt, as it's a damn good card on it's own, and it's not worth the $100 price difference just for a slim chance to get a card that's 25% faster.

MustangSVT 02-13-05 07:03 PM

Re: 6600 GT AGP vs 6800...
The cheapest 6600 GT AGP would have to be around $200 to $210. You can get a BFG 6800NU for $250 at Fry's. Considering that the 6800nu has a HUGE overclocking headroom (most people getting 400/800+ from stock 325/700), plus not to mention the possibilty of unlocking pipelines, 6800nu is the clear choice..

Also, since when is the difference between the two like $100.

Average price for 6600GT AGP is about $215-$220.

Average price for 6800nu is about $270-$280, and the BFG at Fry's is $250. That's more like $60 at best. 6800nu is the clear choice..

ChrisRay 02-13-05 07:20 PM

Re: 6600 GT AGP vs 6800...
eh. I'm not so sure its so clear.

The 6600GT is practically the same speed as a Non Ultra in Mid resolutions. At higher resolutions the 6800NU pulls ahead by a few percent. I have owned both. If you can mod the 6800NU, You will get about about 15% performance boost. Which is nice. I havent followed the mod luck lately.

The 6600GT does have advantage. Fully functional pure video codec and will do FP blending better than a 6800NU. It also consumes less power in 2d mode. Anyway. I have owned a 6600GT, (And SLI setup) A 6800NU (Its dead though :() and a 6800GT. And the 6600GT is so close to the 6800NU I wouldnt buy the 6800 unless you specifically are interested in modded.

PoppinHobbit 02-13-05 07:24 PM

Re: 6600 GT AGP vs 6800...
If you are like me and have no reason to run over 1024X768 then the 6600GT is the way to go. I bought one and can run AA, AP, and high details on all games just fine. jammin :jammin:

Oh, and 6800NY fanboy (pb)

Gentle 02-13-05 08:36 PM

Re: 6600 GT AGP vs 6800...
What will you do with your 6800 if you get one that works fine at stock configuration, but doesn't unlock and go up to 400/800+ ?


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