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DaveChambers 02-08-05 05:41 AM

WoW Players...
Post up your information here, just trying to see how many people play the game :)

I have a level 30 Human Rogue on Terenas as well as a few other characters in the 20's I made before deciding on my Rogue. How are you guys doing in the game?

retsam 02-08-05 05:57 AM

Re: WoW Players...
great game im a lvl11 night elf druid on draenor server .... i just need to find a guild now so that i have friends to play with ....

vampireuk 02-08-05 06:26 AM

Re: WoW Players...
Level 22 Paladin on EN...oh never mind the burning legion murdered him last night :cry:

By the end of Sunday I hope to be close to level 20 (starting on friday afternoon) :D

Ninjaman09 02-08-05 06:48 AM

Re: WoW Players...
Level 27 Warrior on Gilneas and level 40 Rogue on Magtheridon. Assorted level 15-16s all over the place. ;)

PaiN 02-08-05 07:04 AM

Re: WoW Players...
My main two are,
lvl 24 Dwarf Hunter: Painoftrees w\Painsclaws
Earthen Ring:
lvl 17 Undead Mage: Hatepainfear

Tr1cK 02-08-05 07:15 AM

Re: WoW Players...
Im level 36 now Tauren Shaman on Storrmrage.

Heres my old thread on who plays WoW:
Who Plays WoW

Fatman 02-08-05 08:52 AM

Re: WoW Players...
lvl 30 Druid on Suramar

Road_Star 02-08-05 09:14 AM

Re: WoW Players...
High all, I have a lvl 55 Human Warrior on Kargath. (Roadwarrior)

Not been on forums for a long time, just looking arround now because servres are down.

Im hooked so bad on this game! :)

marqmajere 02-08-05 10:04 AM

Re: WoW Players...
37 priest on Eonar.

DaveChambers 02-08-05 10:11 AM

Re: WoW Players...
Oh yea, for those of you complaining in the other thread about not enough copies in stores. Blizzard requested that stores take them off the shelves due to overpopulation of the servers. They are working on more servers tho and more copies will be available eventually. Try ebay? :)

Dr.Nick 02-08-05 10:20 AM

Re: WoW Players...
lvl 21 Night Elf Warrior on Eonar.
BTW, I hate Tuesdays!!!!

Reaper106 02-08-05 11:02 AM

Re: WoW Players...
lvl 36 Orc Warrior "GoreLust" on ThunderLord server, If any are on that server, Its a PvP server.. lets hook up.have a great guild and have openings for any Nvnews person.. Unless yer a alliance member.. Then Die Scum!!! bwahahaha :firedevil

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