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Yonkers 02-08-05 02:24 PM

A Idea
Here is a idea I do not expect to be taken serious but I have noticed that we have so many damn stickies in the open forum that we might as well have a sub forums named The Sticky Forum. :D

jAkUp 02-08-05 02:35 PM

Re: A Idea
I'm not a mod in that forum, but I'm gonna have to say I agree with you on a certain level. I feel that a few could go, but those are just my opinions.

The gmail thread could go since really no one is paying any attention to that anymore. I have posted a few times in there about my gmail accounts, and received 0 requests.

Gibs ammo box rarely gets posted in also.

I also wish we could somehow make the IRC thread an announcement rather than an entire thread that never gets posted in.

A few more could probably go, but those are just the major ones that I feel should take a hike :D

Yonkers 02-08-05 03:05 PM

Re: A Idea
Ya I am just poking fun at the fact that there are so many stickies in there. Ask Mike how I feel about stickie. Shoot I tried to get the Nalu stickie unstuck and Mike gave me teh n000es. NO TOUCHIE THE FISH'S BOOBIES! :D

jAkUp 02-08-05 03:40 PM

Re: A Idea
Boobie threads stay :D :D :D

Nutty 02-08-05 05:13 PM

Re: A Idea
Damn straight!

I can unsticky em if ya want.. Any that can definitly go ?

Clay 02-08-05 05:28 PM

Re: A Idea
Stickies do need to be pruned from time to time. Mike will probably post a few here that he says can be unstickied.

vampireuk 02-10-05 06:09 AM

Re: A Idea
I demand more boob threads!

retsam 02-10-05 07:36 AM

Re: A Idea

I demand more boob threads!
i second that ....
but i do have to amend that statement made by vamps .... high quality hi resolution boob thread ....

de><ta 02-10-05 12:57 PM

Re: A Idea
Re: An Idea :p

Yonkers 02-10-05 06:30 PM

Re: A Idea
I really hate grammar nazis.

Yonkers 02-10-05 09:25 PM

Re: A Idea
How about I come up there and teach you the American term of ASS KICKING!

Q 02-10-05 10:59 PM

Re: A Idea
Yonkers...that would actually be a PHRASE...not a term.


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