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volt 11-27-02 11:36 PM

That is scary
I hope AMD is smart enough.

Chalnoth 11-28-02 12:59 AM

I refuse to follow links to the Register. I think they've got absolutely no journalistic integrity at all. I also feel exceedingly leery about believing any reports coming from the Register.

volt 11-28-02 12:07 PM

they are far better than inq. in my opinion

Chalnoth 11-28-02 12:14 PM

Yeah, that's true. I also don't visit that site :P

ASCI Blue 11-30-02 01:10 PM

This is when the rest of the world falls off its collective chairs laughing and moves to linux leaving just the US under Micro$ofts thumb. The US falls into a technological darkage wondering where they went wrong as M$ continues to force **** like this down our throats.

IronLung 12-04-02 11:11 AM

Of course, you *theoritically* use any other UNIX operating system, i.e., Irix, AIX (yes, i own an SGI O2 and an IBM RS/6000), but you know, go linux! :)

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