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Venturi 02-09-05 07:09 AM

Dual Opteron SLI
I managed to get the 64-bit driver to work with the SLI on my Windows 2003 Enterprise Server 64-bit load, but I am interested in getting my Suse 9.2 AMD64 load to work with the SLI.

Has anyone had any luck in Linux with SLI? Is there a driver that even supports it?

Rig Spec:

Dual evga 6800ultra SLI (copper heatsinks)
Dual Opteron 250
Tyan s2895 with sata and scsi (Thunder K8WE)
16 GB of RAM ecc reg
(4) sata Hitachi Deskstar 400GB (1.6 terabytes raid 0)
Samsung 243t 24" lcd DVI
Windows Enterprise Server 2003 64bit RC1

Thanks in Advance

Jay Venturi

blueworm 02-09-05 07:16 AM

Re: Dual Opteron SLI
There are no drivers as of yet, SLI may be in the next driver release.

superklye 02-09-05 11:33 AM

Re: Dual Opteron SLI
You have a computer that brings tears to my eyes. I am so jealous.

Daneel Olivaw 02-09-05 01:11 PM

Re: Dual Opteron SLI
Hello! getting close to a supercomputer there!

jolle 02-09-05 02:23 PM

Re: Dual Opteron SLI
wouldnt mind that rig (with Quadros instead) when doing stuff in 3dstudioMax here..
rendering with light tracer or radiosity takes a while here, would have cut my rendering time in half pretty much hehe:

for gaming it would prolly perform similar to a 3800+ with 1Gb RAM and 6800Ultra SLI (if the SLI works and not just running on 1 card in W2k3 64 that is), so I really hope you didnt buy it for that..
altho, with Dual core CPUs coming up I wouldnt be too supprised if games started supporting Dual CPUs...

oldsk00l 02-09-05 02:31 PM

Re: Dual Opteron SLI
why on earth would someone put videocards into a high powered datacenter? erm...oh...that's no datacenter......

retsam 02-09-05 02:37 PM

Re: Dual Opteron SLI
what the .... is that a gaming machine or is that somesort of offline rendering beast.....

oldsk00l 02-09-05 02:44 PM

Re: Dual Opteron SLI
For reals, maybe id software could find a use for that as like a pre-render CGI machine?

Maybe Sony could use a new compositing system. Hell, I bet the folks at Falcon Northwest would jizz their pants over it.

Venturi 02-09-05 11:49 PM

Re: Dual Opteron SLI

I use it for pleasure and work(when home). I use medical imaging software, but I really enjoy games too.

Linux through nvidia has helped more than any other manufturer of video cards. I tried 3dlabs, and ATI, but nvidia semed to make a more serious effort at it.

now, if I could just get an SLI driver for my Suse 9.2 AMD64.....

Once small gripe - the nv4 raid (very beta) driver is not cooperating, I had to load a seperate drive as to not break the SATA raid. So there's an extra drive on the IDE primary. When I need to use the Linux load, I have to go to the bios, enable the drive, change the boot order and restart.

On the prior motherboard (s2885) the chip was the silicon image 3114 and they had nadequate raid drivers for Linux. Hoping nvidia get's the new one out soon.

For a lot of info on the opteron linux world - go to suse.lists.

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