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pelly 11-28-02 02:47 PM

Javascript Image Comparison...
Hey guys...did you like the nifty Javascript image-quality comparison in the GF4 review?

Would you prefer this, or this mouse-over found in my 9700 review?


thcdru2k 11-28-02 04:06 PM

its cool, but too fast, i prefer the mouse over, or change the amount of time between each frame.

pelly 11-28-02 05:14 PM

I found that the best way to compare the images was to focus on a particular point in the pciture...As the frames progress, you can really see what each method brings....

If you go one particular point at a time...the timing seems to be good....

thcdru2k 11-29-02 08:35 PM

i know you resized the image to 900x800 so you can easily see the differences, but wouldn't it be better to leave the res at what they were to show the full effects of aliasing and texture quality?

pelly 11-29-02 11:51 PM

The images were resized a bit to cut load times for those without fast internet speeds...


StealthHawk 11-30-02 12:29 AM

i thought the time between the pictures changing was also a little fast. i had to stare at 3 cycles or so to catch all the differences.

Mod 12-01-02 07:50 AM

After that Javascript was put, my computer freezes sometimes, when I my browse is loading Nvnews main page or the forum. I don't know if that is a coincidence :confused:

pelly 12-01-02 08:56 AM

Strange......first time anyone has reported that....


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