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Domy 02-13-05 09:12 AM

recommendation please...
i'm using radeon powercolor 9800se softmodded to 9800 pro, i wanted to get a 6600 agp,will this be a good choice?i mean...i also have an xbox to get some nice games.i just thought it would be a future proof.but if 9800 to 6600 gt agp doesn't get me some nice leap performance well i'd better save my budget, right? coz i'm still using barton 3200 pair only with 512 pc3200 on msi k7ndelta 2. whaddaya think guys?

MUYA 02-13-05 09:15 AM

Re: recommendation please...
I thinka system overhaul maybe needed after you save up for a few months if your are looking for future proofing. That way you can upgrade wholes to a PCI Express platform, intel or AMD otherwise and get a PCI Express card and more RAM.

I think it was shown that the 6600GT is fater than a 9800 Pro but I am not too sure about the 6600 though.

jAkUp 02-13-05 10:44 AM

Re: recommendation please...
A 6600 would be a downgrade I believe. Except that it suppots SM3.0

A 6600gt is only slightly faster than a 9800 Pro. Your best bet would to save up for a 6800 Vanilla or GT.

1337_Like_ThaT 02-13-05 12:49 PM

Re: recommendation please...
Do the 6800 vanilla becuase I think now these days you can pick it up for $200-$250 in some PC retailers. You don't have to change your whole setup, just recommend to pick up another 512 stick of ram to complete your setup

SH64 02-13-05 02:20 PM

Re: recommendation please...

Originally Posted by jAkUp
A 6600 would be a downgrade I believe. Except that it suppots SM3.0

A 6600gt is only slightly faster than a 9800 Pro. Your best bet would to save up for a 6800 Vanilla or GT.

Yep! the 6800GT is the way to go .

Cota 02-13-05 11:54 PM

Re: recommendation please...
Check digit life 3d digest before you make a choice.


They don't have AA/AF benches but it should make it easier for you to decide.

CaptNKILL 02-16-05 07:21 PM

Re: recommendation please...
Id say go with another 512Mbs of PC-3200 and dont worry about a new video card just yet. I wouldnt go with anything less than a 6800GT for that system, and itd be faster than mine... but if you want to future proof, youll probably need to think about upgrading to an Athlon 64 and a PCI-E motherboard (which means new video card too) in the next year or so. If you do that, youd probably be able to carry the ram over too, so either way, get more ram.

Cota 02-17-05 12:24 PM

Re: recommendation please...
I think its too soon to make the jump to PCI-e. It really doesn't bring anything worth besides SLI and thats quite expensive.

Intead of getting a new card, you should get more ram, 1 gb makes a huge difference in games.

The 6600gt is faster than the 9800XT in most cases but not by much, except Doom3.

john19055 03-11-05 06:06 AM

Re: recommendation please...
If you have a 9800se modded to a 9800pro a 6600GT would be faster in most games,but a plain 6600 would not be worth it because of the slow memory and a slow core compared to a 6600GT, but the 6600GT would not be a great leap in performance since the 9800pro is still a great card even now.The X800XL PCIe is $291 and it would be a good leap in performance,but I don't know how much the AGP X800XL is going to be and even when that part will be comeing out , but if it is around the same price That would be the card to get .

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