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hheezen 02-17-05 09:22 AM

Problem Whit GeForce FX5700LE, needing serious help
I have a Point of View GForce FX5700 LE video (NVidia) card and have installed it correctly. My TV Out works correctly and have colour but when I play a game like Need for Speed udnerground 2, Empire Earth, Medal Of honor, Gothic 2, etc, the Screen on the game turns Red. I can see video but when it goes into the game the graphics isn't right and I can't see the writing on the screen either. Can anyone Help with this problem? Is there a patch for this problem? or an alternative solution or a better video card etc. I need help with this ASAP before I think of returning it back to place of purchase. I did have a ATI RADEON VE 32MB card which plays the game perfectly but as I am upgrading. I thought by the newer card I wouldn't have these problems. Many Thanks. And i was told that i should not get any problems upgrading my videocard before buying and after buying…

My pc specs.
AMD Athlon Xp Thunderbird
Windows XP SP2
1,3 Ghz
512 MB ram
DirectX 9.0c

Explorer (MS-6511) motherboard
Name: Explorer (MS-6511)
Type: Flex-ATX motherboard
Manufacturer: MSI

NOTE1: I got everything whit the lastest updates, hotfixes and lastest drivers, so there isn’t a “try to update your drivers” problem. Even flashed my BIOS to the lastest version, VIA chipset whit lastest version too.
NOTE2: And im not the only 1 whit this problem, check this link http://www.computing.net/gaming/wwwb...orum/3699.html and if i do I google search you come whit countless sites about the same problem.
PLS HELP as im almost kicking my pc through the window

hheezen 02-17-05 10:32 AM

Re: Problem Whit GeForce FX5700LE, needing serious help
Btw, if i restart my pc after when i get this problem almost everything works fine again, only Empire Earth stills fu*** up.

And btw, i was looking around and saw a thread about Glide Wrapper, but it has nothing related to my problem, but i gived a try and everything is working fine after installed it till now, but maybe matter of time maybe not, coz it happens ramdomly. But lets see. Even Empire Earth starting well, wht a miracle. But still waiting for more replys

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