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XP_GUN 02-18-05 02:11 PM

NVTV PCI Tuner Card?
I am looking for a new video capture card to you know capture video from VHS and other stuff off the TV and was looking at the EVGA GF NVTV PCI Tuner Card, I'm looking for some good reviews but cant find any, my question is that is it a graphics card as well as a tuner card? And will this affected my 6800 GT? Sorry if this is in the wrong form dont know if it is nvidia or hardware. :)

GlowStick 02-18-05 03:35 PM

Re: NVTV PCI Tuner Card?
It is just a tuner card, however I belive there is only drivers for Windows XP Media Center Edition. It shoudl not interfear with any toher cards, infact you still need a video card to use the pc heh.

XP_GUN 02-18-05 08:58 PM

Re: NVTV PCI Tuner Card?
Thats odd how come xfx has the same card but say it can support windows ME XP and 2000 and evga says it only supports XP Media Edition? (ack)


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