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andy.m 02-19-05 04:53 PM

fx5950 problem
Hello to all, I have a big problem :thumbdwn:

One day i was playing a 3d game and my pc just shutdown and would not turn back on (nothing happens at all when power button is pressed), initially I feared my power supply had died but it turns out my fx5950 is the problem. The card has been running for great for months. In the mean time I replaced the card with my old ti4800se and the pc is back normal.

Has anyone seen a fx card do this, it's as if it's shorting the motherboard or something, no beeps or error codes or anything.

Specs for what it's worth: asus a7n8x, XP2000+, 512mb.

Many Thanks

SLippe 02-19-05 06:09 PM

Re: fx5950 problem
Did you have it overclocked?

Rytr 02-19-05 06:39 PM

Re: fx5950 problem
(?) Did the Ti4800 work with the nForce video driver you had loaded or did it load with the generic VGA driver? Never had this to happen but it must be something with the driver or else something physically with the card.

ChrisRay 02-19-05 07:08 PM

Re: fx5950 problem
I have never heard of it happening. But from I am gathering the PC just wont post with the FX 5900? You know it could still be the PSU as a 5900 consumes much more power than a Ti 4800. But my first thing I'd try is trying a replacement card..

jAkUp 02-19-05 10:59 PM

Re: fx5950 problem
Can you try the 5950 in another machine?

SLippe 02-19-05 11:11 PM

Re: fx5950 problem
What kind of power supply do you have...as far as watts?

andy.m 02-20-05 08:22 AM

Re: fx5950 problem
The card was indeed slightly overclocked, I'll not get a chance to test it in another machine until later in the week. The contact fingers and the agp socket look fine. I'll need to find a makeshift tool to get the heatsink off to look for visible signs of damage though.

Thanks for the replies :)

jake_maveric_05 02-21-05 04:27 PM

Re: fx5950 problem
What sort of "3D" game were you playing. My Ti 4200 did that 2 weeks ago when I was playing FarCry.It went out for 30 min. and i couldnt turn it back on. Then later it came on and now its just fine.My problem was the card its self. Too low performance to be playin it. Yours could be Overclocking it or Have you updated the drivers?Also the fan might be messed up and it could have over heated.

ntgeek 02-22-05 09:28 AM

Re: fx5950 problem
my guess. your power supply is overloaded.

andy.m 02-22-05 10:07 AM

Re: fx5950 problem
I was playing Enemy Territory when it crapped out. The power supply I think is a Suntek 350w number, the card had been working for months without so much as a hiccup.
The power supply will not even activate when the card is plugged in.

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