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Riptide 02-19-05 05:26 PM

Couple extremely general linux questions...
A buddy of mine really loves SUSE 9.2. I am curious about loading it up and giving it a try but I have a few questions first.

1) Considering the hardware in my sig, will I be able to play UT2004/Doom3/FarCry/CS:S/HL2 with SUSE 9.2 and the ATI linux drivers?

2) I have a portable USB hard disk drive. W/XP I can plug it in and it "just works". Will it be that simple with Linux?


blueworm 02-20-05 11:23 AM

Re: Couple extremely general linux questions...
the games; Doom3 and UT2k4 have native binaries and should work.
FarCry runs perfectly using wine but I can only say that this in my case is using nvidia graphics card and drivers.
CS/S and halflife2 are reported/rumored to work to some degree with cedega.

As far as usb harddrive, yes it should just work....

oldsk00l 02-20-05 11:32 AM

Re: Couple extremely general linux questions...
don't even bother trying with your ati hardware, you will get decent Doom3 performance on their latest drivers, but ATI's operability with cedega is horrid. Granted Far Cry and HL2 do work just fine with Cedega, that's using nVidia for graphics.

Riptide 02-20-05 01:48 PM

Re: Couple extremely general linux questions...
Ah well. I was afraid of that. Maybe once ATI gets their Linux support up to where it ought to be then I'll give it a try.

oldsk00l 02-20-05 02:07 PM

Re: Couple extremely general linux questions...
Actually, if you see my "Now there goes all the FUN" thread you'll see a much more timely update to their drivers. Hopefully this is a sign of a new release schedule for them.

Riptide 02-20-05 11:41 PM

Re: Couple extremely general linux questions...
My buddy installed SUSE 9.2 and got it working with his 9700 Pro. At least he got UT2004 running. He still hasn't got the patch to go on there yet but he got cedega and from what he tells me it should be a piece of cake. So perhaps games will run with that ATI driver. I dunno... I'm tempted to try it but at the same time it's obvious to me from watching him struggle with it that it's definitely not as simple as Windows where things "just work" for the most part. It seemed to run smooth enough but I'm also curious to see how much performance I'd be giving up by going to their Linux drivers vs. the XP implementation.

He plugged his USB thumb drive in (256MB) and it took off and recognized it just fine. I was impressed with that.

9point9 03-13-05 08:12 AM

Re: Couple extremely general linux questions...
Are you going to run the AMD64 version of SUSE? You would get better performance but only if it works properly. AMD64 ATI drivers are very young and will be more of a problem than the 32-bit which would increase the chance of things going wrong with Cedega or Wine.

You could install both 32-bit and 64-bit versions on separate partitions just in case 64-bit ATI drivers don't work.

lunix 03-23-05 12:56 AM

Re: Couple extremely general linux questions...
Just a note. You really do not want to use Linux for gaming if you are concerned about performance. Its great as a workhorse machine, server, web/email box, educational machine but as a load it up and play the latest games box its pretty horrid. You can learn a lot about computing with it if you want and it can really make general computing fun again. You know doing "cool" stuff just for the hell of it and the sense of accomplishment from learning new skills. You can play games on it though.

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