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MUYA 08-06-02 09:08 AM

Re: MCP exam question
I didn't where this would go but I figured, under Operating Systems would be the closted match.
I just wanted to ask all experts in the net a question that appears in the 210 MCP exam. It is as follows;
You have a small netwrok of computers. You buy a modem and set up dial up connection. Then u configure it's settings to enable ICS. Now users report that they cannot access shares/ shared files located in the network. What should u do?
a)disable ICS
b)Use IPCONFIG to relase and renew ip address in that pc which has ICS enabled
c)Configure dial up connection to disable shared access.
d)Use Ipconfig to relase /renew ip address's of the rest of the PCs in the network.

Any help appreciated


netviper13 08-06-02 01:01 PM

(d) sounds like the best answer to me.

The Baron 08-06-02 04:09 PM

D feels good, only problem is that ipconfig usually crashes when you try to do that :p

zippermcfrag 08-11-02 12:47 AM

would work. but D should be tried first. That's what I would say

Nephilim 08-11-02 01:54 AM


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