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CheGueVerra 02-21-05 02:19 PM

GeForce 5700 OC
Hi there been searching for a solution but havenčt found anything that works so far... so here goes nothing

I have a ASUS P4R800-VM [MB], after purchusing Doom3 and seeing the poor performance on the integrated vid card, I decided to buy a AGP card, my choice fell on the BFG GeForce 5700 OC. After installing the card, and updating the drivers 66.93, well most of my games (Fire Arms, Rise of Nation, Doom3, Anarchy Online ... you get the picture will freeze during gameplay) I have tried to use beta drivers from nvidia, tried installing old drivers from the archives section, but nothing I do seems to be able to get ride of this trouble.

Where do I go from here, I'm lost and want to play ...



johnkeel105 02-21-05 02:45 PM

Re: GeForce 5700 OC
If I were you I would download Driver Cleaner. It will remove all the nvidia drivers you currently have and will set you on the windows standard until you install new drivers. I would try a different version then 66.93 perhaps. I had good luck with 71.24 beta. I hope this helps.

CheGueVerra 02-22-05 10:05 AM

Re: GeForce 5700 OC
I have more questions

A) Do you think I should run the DC to take out the remaining (if any) drivers from the integrated card, or just run it to clean all the nvidia drivers?

B) What is the best way to isolate my trouble, MB, AGP port, Video card, temp?

Well that's it for now ....

Going back to work, and lurking

johnkeel105 02-22-05 12:54 PM

Re: GeForce 5700 OC
A) Run Driver Cleaner and remove all your drivers it could be the drivers from the integrated video card messing you up. (not too sure but better safe then sorry)

B) First start and remove the drivers and get a new version set like the old 61.77. Its very likly a driver error. If it isnt then you might have a bad card. You might be able to exchange it if that is the problem.

The next thing is to check your temps on your video card. I am not sure if the card comes with a temprature monitor but if it doesn't run it a while in game and then turn off ur pc and ground yourself to metal. touch the oppisite side of the card to see how hot it is. It should be warm but not burning hot.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!

CheGueVerra 02-22-05 01:34 PM

Re: GeForce 5700 OC
A) Unistall current drivers from the control panel.

B) Run, in safe-mode DC, to take out the nvidia drivers, and run it to out the ones for the int.vid card as well

C) Install version 61.77 of nvidia drivers, (should I try the 71.81 nForce one as well or start by 61.77 and if it doesn't work try the 71.81)

D) As for touhing the card, should I touch when it just crashed to get a good indication of the temp of the card ?

Sorry for all the questions, it's just that I'm determined to get it to work, and want to put all the chances on my side.



johnkeel105 02-22-05 03:13 PM

Re: GeForce 5700 OC
Start with 61.77 and then try others. All the steps are good and yes touch the card when it has caused the game to crash but make sure your grounded. Thats about all the information I know to help you.

CheGueVerra 02-22-05 04:00 PM

Re: GeForce 5700 OC
I was reading in the nForce forum about the new 75.XX driver that was released, a couple of days ago, should I try that one as well or the nforce drivers doesn't do anything to my card ???

Sorry to be such nuub, but I'm learning


johnkeel105 02-22-05 04:09 PM

Re: GeForce 5700 OC
The new driver works fine for my card so it should be good the problems with high tempratures doesnt effect geforce fx owners so its no problem.

CheGueVerra 02-23-05 10:05 AM

Re: GeForce 5700 OC
Hi Again,

Well, nothing really worked last night, I uninstalled the nvidia driver, rebooted in safe mode, ran DriverClean taking out all nvidia stuff even ran it for ATI for the drivers of the int.vid card. rebooted. Tried the 61.77 driver, but it didn't even last one minute in anarchy online and doom3.

AO => the screen freezes and windows reboots
DOOM3 => the screen goes black, but the game is still running

I restarted the process, believing that 75.xx would be my savior, but now, it did last longer though but same result in the end. So far the stablest driver for me has been the 66.93 I think.

Oh yeah, I did touch the video card, and it wasn't hot at all seem to be normal @ a normal temp.

Where do I go from here, try testing the card on an other MB ???

Thanks for your help and advice.

PS Is there a nuub FAQ, link or something I can read so I can start understanding what's going on thanks

CheGueVerra 02-24-05 10:20 AM

Re: GeForce 5700 OC
Still tried l;ast night to make it work [FX5700] but nothing seems to be working. I've reread the MB manual trying to find out if I needed a jumper switch or something couldn't find any info on that either. I'm lost, nuub and starting to get frustrated that I bought it.... :mad:

link to MB info



remymarten 02-24-05 01:39 PM

Re: GeForce 5700 OC
Did you disable the onboard video in your MB bios?

CheGueVerra 02-25-05 09:29 AM

Re: GeForce 5700 OC
I looked through the BIOS for an option to disable the int. vid card, the only thing I saw was to put rpiority on the AGP slot instead of the PCI. IF that is not it well I haven't seen that option at all.

Looked at the MB manual, and found this option:
Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA [YES] => I changed that to NO but theresults were the same.

AGP/PCI, PCI/AGP Allows selection of graphic controler to use as primary boot device.

I didn't see ant mention of jumpers for "activiting" the AGP slot, I guess that the next step is to get the AGP card tested ?

I'm so nuub :rolleyes:

Funny thing though is that the 2 MoBo that I had most difficuties with always had integrated devices on them, has any one else encountered that kind of hassle ?


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