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jake_maveric_05 02-21-05 06:05 PM

Hows the 5900 scores?
I need to know the scores on a XFX Geforce FX5900 128MB 256-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card. Im thinkin about gettin one shortly and I want to know how well I performs on 3Dmark03 and 3Dmark01.Im new to this sort of stuff so if you give me the scores please tell me if its good or not,Cause i will be as lost as a redneck in a smart convention :confused: (no afence).Also tell me how well it performs on up to date games like Farcry,Doom3,World of Warcraft,ect.Im upgrading from my old Ti 4200 and it scored 1,4xx on 3dMark03. Someone told me that was good and im thinkin NO!!!!WAY!!!! Cause I know the higher the better. Mine is way low. :thumbdwn: If you can please help.

rewt 03-08-05 02:08 AM

Re: Hows the 5900 scores?
I get about 6500 in 3dmark03 with a BFG 5900 @ 475/950 and AMD XP-M CPU @ 2.5GHz. It would be a pretty good card if you can find one for $150 or less. Any more than that might as well spend the extra money and get a Geforce 6600 GT.

Grechie 03-08-05 05:39 AM

Re: Hows the 5900 scores?
i get 5,500 stock with my 5900XT in 3d mark 03...390/700mhz...

Buenamos 03-08-05 08:45 AM

Re: Hows the 5900 scores?
I would recommend getting a 6600gt or up for newer games. The Geforce FX series aren't very capable when it's running +=PS 2.0. The 6600gt would give you a small boost over the FX series plus it would run all the new games without sacrificing image quality.

Daneel Olivaw 03-08-05 02:10 PM

Re: Hows the 5900 scores?
The 5900xt is a card for someone who likes to tinker... I get 6900+ in 3dmark03, 17700+ in 3dmark01. But that's overclocked like crazy, but super stable. Look at jimmors thread in the legacy forum.

That card runs everything fine, so long as you disable PS2.0 (Far Cry and Painkiller comes to mind) that means you'll get the same image quality as that ti4200 (which is fine), but with added AA and AF.

Don't spend too much for that card, mine's a year and a half old and I payed 180 US$ then... the price hasn't really dropped, and the 6600 (any) is a better buy.

And 1400 with a ti4200 is good.

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