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_Phil_ 02-23-05 09:31 AM

Artifacts on FX5600
Ok, a friend of mine has a Creative FX5600 128MB AGP8x card, and is having a few problems.

Completely randomly the card will spray up artifacts all over the screen and corrupt in games...but only games based on the Q3 engine :thumbdwn:

Example of corruption:

The temperature of the card is around 50 degrees in games using his fan controller, and I think the case is around 35 degrees.

I have a feeling it's b0rked graphics memory as opposed to overheating, but what does everyone else think?

Would underclocking help at all (this card has NEVER overclocked more than 1MHz without having problems)


_Phil_ 02-24-05 12:35 PM

Re: Artifacts on FX5600
Almost as if I don't exist here...

_Phil_ 02-25-05 02:03 AM

Re: Artifacts on FX5600
*wanders off as clearly no-one gives a *****

Silanda 02-26-05 08:35 AM

Re: Artifacts on FX5600
Ahh, so someone else has this problem. This used to happen when I had a creative 5600 ultra. Games would occasionally freeze and then come back with the same garbage you are getting, but for me it wasn't just in Q3 engined games. I haven't really got any suggestions for you though, I never found a solution. You could try underclocking but if I were your friend I'd think about getting a new card or if it doesn't happen often just ignore it. If it is a memory fault there's not much you can do.

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